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I love sound in the garden.  My favorite tunes are bird song, but second are my Corinthian Bells wind chimes.  Their centrally suspended aluminum tubes and high density striker produce incredible tones and resonance, and the melodies continue long after the striker hits the tubes.  My 36” chime is tuned to the E scale and my 44” chime is tuned to the C scale.

‘Everest’ Carex is a work horse in the garden.  At 18” x 18” it makes a beautiful border edge that can go from deep shade to full sun.  The variegated green and white grassy foliage always looks fresh, and it has just enough length to it that when the slightest breeze blows it gently sways.

There are lots of propagation aids that you can spend a fortune on, but the Self-Watering Propagator is easy to make.  It’s a great way to propagate plants year round, and is genius for over-wintering tender perennials indoors under lights.  If you’d like directions for making this propagator, see my blog on my website:

Remember I introduced you to my gardening buddie Jackson?  This pretty lady, Diana Cadena of My Royal Pet, keeps him looking (and smelling) spiffy.  She comes to your home, so both you and your pet are pampered.  She’s loving, gentle and takes a genuine interest in your furry friend.  My Royal Pet (214) 301-8531.

I didn’t know I needed this tool until I was gifted with one.  The Flexrake LRB901 is the Swiss Army Knife for gardeners.  It features a pruner, saw, knife and weeder – and it folds into a compact case that can be attached to your belt.

When it’s too cold to garden outside, it’s just as much fun to read about gardening.  The Roots of My Obsession, edited by Thomas C. Cooper, features thirty pieces by the best known and most important voices in the gardening world.  From-the- heart essays reveal why they garden.  Very inspirational.

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