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“I’m not a spy!” I protested. Despite great effort to persuade my innocence, my dad convinced everyone my pleading was evidence of my guilt.  My own children didn’t believe me. He targeted me as the danger and succeeded in being chosen for the assignment, sabotaged the mission, and we “Resistance Operatives” failed. It was a proud, victorious moment for the two “Imperial Spies”; laughter ensued at the table, reliving the argument, the discussion, and strategy of making me look guilty. Another classic family gaming memory playing The Resistance went down in history.  

As the Christmas Season and New Year celebrations approach, my family looks forward to our board game playing traditions. Along with old favorites, the question arises, “Do you think Uncle Kevin discovered a new game to bring?” My brother is the board game guru of our family, researching new games throughout the year. We look forward to our time together with increased anticipation that a fun new game might be revealed! 

Want to incorporate board game amusement into your gatherings with family and friends this season?  Searching for a great family gift? You just might find one of our favorites is the perfect thing. 


The Resistance 

I love it for the player interaction, deductive reasoning, and intense communication as decisions are made. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. 


In the family game mix for years because it’s simple enough to get the children involved (ages 7 & up) and the ability to play individually or in teams allows great flexibility in the number of players joining the fun. We’ve had as many as 12! The basic strategy is making 4 in a row with your color marker. It’s a card matching game, with wild cards keeping things interesting!  

Ticket To Ride 

This popular game has a variety of starter and expansion sets. We started with Ticket to Ride Europe. The goal is to score the most points by building train routes to the destinations on the cards you select and choose to keep. I won’t lie, this game makes me a little anxious because I never know who might get in my way and I’m always strategizing my next move. 


Everyone is trying to get as many of his or her own explorers to shore without being eaten by a shark or serpent. I used to be nice to my kids in this one until I was on the receiving end of their ruthless fun. Now all bets are off!  


Need a change of pace from the competitive banter? Pandemic is a cooperative game where players work together to win the game. Keep four deadly diseases at bay while working to find the cure for each. Each player has a role in the skilled disease-fighting team, coordinating efforts to travel, treat and find resources leading to the cure. I LOVE this game for the cooperative strategizing aspects! 

Escape Room – the Game 

Another cooperative game brings the “Escape Room” venue home in a board game version.  Not for the “too tired to think” moods that work for other lighthearted games. You’ll want to recruit the brightest and best thinkers of your group to analyze and interpret the clues given. You have 60 minutes to break the code. The Chrono Decoder will let you know when time is running out!  

 Wishing you a blessed season full of lasting memories! 






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