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I’m linking up with my friend Erika to bring you my top 5 favorites from this past week:

first favorite:

Late Summer Beef Bolognese from Blue Apron

Blue Apron Bolognese

I told you about my first experience with Blue Apron in this post from Tuesday. My family LOVED this dish and I’m sure it will be requested again sooner rather than later.

second favorite:


That’s right. The old woman here actually has a Snapchat account. Here is the problem. I have no idea how or why to use it. My nephew Ben is always showing me these funny little filters and face swap thingys…but I can’t even find that in the Snapchat app. Gah!!! I hate being old and technologically challenged.

If any of you know the answer to any of these questions, I would appreciate you leaving a comment below. TIA

1.) Why do you Snapchat? Really what is the point if we have Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and whatever else there is?

2.) Does it disappear? If so after how long?

3.) Where are those cute filters and face swap thingys?

4.) Is there a ‘feed’? Maybe its because I don’t have any “friends” on there yet, but when I open up the app…nothing is there.

4.) Am I too old for this?

Go ahead and follow me, because I have THE BEST IDEA for my first video as soon as I figure out how to do it.

third favorite:

Ted Talks/Podcasts

Y’all, I have just discovered this. I know. I’m 10 years late to the prom. I actually googled ‘what is a TED talk’…I thought TED was the name of the DJ or something. Ha!

Anyway, I am now all obsessed with TED talks and learning all sorts of interesting random bits of information. Things like: How to Lose Your Dreams; 5 Reasons to Shine; and Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy. I’ve linked it below in case you want to give it a watch.

I also really appreciated watching Blythe Harris (Chief Creative Officer of Stella & Dot) on TED Talks Saucalito yesterday. Her knowledge on harnessing creativity and how to implement it in business was very inspiring. Skip ahead 22 minutes if you just want to hear Blythe speak.

fourth favorite:

Matthew James Long

Yesterday was my big brother’s birthday and he happened to be in town from Austin. I credit my sense to humor to him as he has been making me laugh for 34 years. Our eleven year age difference has never been a problem in our mutual goal to make each other laugh, often with jokes not understood or appreciated by our mother.

fifth favorite:

The boys got haircuts this week. I feel like this is a major thing crossed off my list because I always put it off for as long as possible.


Side note: James has begun doing his own hair.

-ciao for now-


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