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Friday Favorites

I’m linking up with my friend, Erika, to bring you my top 5 Favorites from this week!

first favorite:

this camera!


I bought a new camera this week with my birthday money. Not quite sure how to use it yet, but planning on delving deep into my user’s manual while flying back from Boston today. Here is the very first picture I took. It’s not in focus, nor is the lighting perfect…but still pretty cute.


second favorite:

this soup!

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Y’all I’m serious! If you haven’t printed out this recipe and made for lunch yet, you really should. Chilled Cucumber Soup is delicious–I especially love serving it in shot glasses as an appetizer for a dinner party.

third favorite:

this verse

e10159d1e2ac2a6805e9bcecf85e8a11I LOVE THIS VERSE! I really want to read it all the time. Doesn’t it give you such hope? If you missed my August Newsletter, I told you Job 22:28 is my verse for the month. This is so encouraging to me and hope will be for you too.

fourth favorite:

these two!


James had his Kindergarten assessment on Wednesday. It is a no-big-deal little activity to test his set of skills. He was a little nervous because I had to wait in the library while he went down to the classrooms, but was so brave I could have (and did) tear up. Ahhhhhh! I cannot stand it!!!

Caleb and I hung out in the library and played with a Pete the Cat stuffed animal.

fifth favorite:

The Freya Fringe Necklace from Stella and Dot


This is hands down my most favorite piece from the Stella and Dot Fall collection. It is endlessly versatile and will give your ensemble a shimmery flare of the Fall’s hautest trend: FRINGE!! I also love that it’s made of both silver and gold metal! This is ultimate in delicate statement necklaces which makes it the perfect fit for everyone!

That’s all I got! Happy Friday!

Oh! And please check back on Monday for the Bumble Bee picnic post…here’s a little sneak peek!

the art of living beautifully, taolb, summer, dinner parties, entertaining, bumble bee, picnics, summer food, tablescapes, orange, provence theme

photo credit: Corrie Barto Photography

-ciao for now-


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