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hello there! I’m linking up with my friend, Erika, for Friday Favorites:

Friday Favorites

first favorite:

I told you last week what an incredible time I had at Hoopla in Las Vegas. However, we say it every time…it’s always good to be home again.


Yesterday we headed to the Perot Museum and then to lunch at the original El Fenix in downtown Dallas.  Puffed Crispy Tacos! Wahoo!! Oh–and yay for T Rex!

second favorite:

this woman!


 Did you love reading about my Fairy godmother, Sharla Bush? I loved writing about her, and I hope everyone will stop by her store today or tomorrow for this fabulous book signing! See below for all the details!

Sophistication is overrated revised email

And of course, please make a batch of her gourmet and glamorous cupcakes!

chocolate cupcakes, sharla bush, the art of living beautifully, everyday gourmet,

third favorite:




One of the things I learned last week at Hoopla was how to reframe negative thoughts into something positive. This of course was in relation to business, however it is so relevant to everyday life. I would really like to try to adopt a more positive mindset in all that I do. Test number 1: 8 flight delays which was finally cancelled–after we boarded and buckled our seatbelts–because the pilots ran out of flight time. No flights available to Dallas for the next 48 hours, so I flew instead to Austin and then drove to Dallas from there. Let’s Make It Positive: I was able to spend a couple of hours with my brother, Jennifer, Layne and Larkin. And we ate at Lucy’s Fried Chicken which was outstanding.

I don’t have girls of my own, so I LOVE IT when my nieces put on sunglasses and ask me to put their hair in buns so they can look like me. I think that is the sweetest thing, and I was even fortunate enough to see EVERY SINGLE dance they learned at Taylor Swift Camp last week! So entertaining!  Oh! And I pulled Larkin’s loose tooth at lunch after this picture. #MakeItPositive

fourth favorite:


Do y’all watch Suits? It is Brian’s and my favorite show to watch during the Summer. It airs on USA, and tells the story of high powered (super hot) lawyers in NYC. I think we enjoy watching this show as much as we do because it’s not too heavy. There is plenty of drama but lots of humor to make it enjoyable and easy to watch. Plus the girls wear gorgeous clothes, and the men…well, you can see their picture above. Yowza!

fifth favorite:

the art of living beautifully, chicken tagine, moroccan food, shiskabob, grill, summer food

I’m doing a cooking demonstration TOMORROW at the Oil and Vinegar at the Shops at Legacy! Hope you can stop by from 1-3 and watch me prepare Chicken Tangine Skewers with Jamine Rice, Carrots and Bell Peppers! If you can’t make it, I’ll post the recipe on Monday.

Happy Friday all! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

-ciao for now-


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