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Good morning!

I’m linking up with my friend Erika today to bring you my top five favorites from this week.

first favorite:

this shirt


I won a $50 gift card through a Stella and Dot contest a couple of weeks ago and somehow…forgot about it!! As I was rifling through my email yesterday morning, I found it and of course had to spend it immediately. And this is what I bought!

I’ve been wanting a new chambray shirt and love that I found this tunic-style one. Perfect over leggings with a scarf or as a dress with tall boots. Plus its only $78 $28 with my gift card!

second favorite:

My new bedroom!



Brian and I have been redecorating our Master Bedroom and it is almost finished! Our designer, Tracy Sterling, is incredibly talented and I am so thankful to her for guiding us into such gorgeous selections. I know clothes and I know food. I can even set a table. I do NOT know décor! I’m a firm believer in asking for help when you need it.  We haven’t decided on bedding or drapes yet, but here is the new sitting area and  built-ins.


This ottoman/coffee table is one of my favorite pieces in the entire room! How fun is the purple and blue ikat?

On the side table is a picture of my mother–her Freshman year at TCU. Of course she was a KKG too! There is also a picture of Brian attempting to put shoes on a shirtless Caleb at Allison’s wedding last Fall. I love this picture because the rented shoes didn’t fit, and it honestly took Brian like 30 minutes to finally get them on!


The drawer pulls haven’t been installed yet, but they are gorgeous. I’ll post another pic once I can persuade my handyman (Brian) to get after it.



This picture of my parents circa 1968 is one of those things I would save if my house was burning down…after James and Caleb, of course. And Brian. And all my clothes.


I found these little Kate Spade Salt and Pepper Shakers at TJ Maxx not long ago, but thought they would be cool little trinkets for shelves.

We also added a giant leaner mirror…but we might end up hanging it because I’m so worried the boys will pull it over on themselves. I catch this happening a lot.



third favorite:

Baby Beau

2015-11-08 09.11.252015-11-08 10.00.192015-11-09 11.54.05

My cousin Laura had a baby last weekend and I am so excited for her and her husband, Jason. It has been a long road to conception for them and I don’t know two people that deserve family and happiness more than they do. This family is definitely one of my favorites this week!

fourth favorite:

Last Saturday night

Last Saturday night Brian and I celebrated our 9th anniversary by going to dinner and then meeting all of his siblings for drinks at the NYLO Southside Hotel. It was such a fun night!!!!

Last Summer Brian won the use of a Tesla for 24 hours, so we decided to save it and use it on our anniversary. Y’all, it was AWESOME! It is completely electric and full of cool bells and whistles . There are no gears. There is no engine. It requires no gas. It is incredible! Also, it’s $125,000…so we won’t be purchasing one any time soon. (insert Brian crying here.)

2015-11-07 17.11.402015-11-07 17.11.502015-11-07 17.11.572015-11-07 17.12.142015-11-07 17.12.272015-11-07 17.29.47

We went to Shinshei for dinner–our most favorite Sushi restaurant in Dallas…somehow I didn’t get a pic.

And then we met the Palmer sibs for drinks. It was a beautiful view of the Dallas skyline and such a fun night!

2015-11-07 22.15.582015-11-07 22.08.132015-11-07 22.08.08

Because I’ve overloaded you with pictures on this fine Friday, I’m going to stop at 4 favorites. Happy Happy Weekend, friends!


-ciao for now-


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