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It’s Friday which means I’m linking up with my friend, Erika, to bring you my top 5 from this week.

first favorite:

South Padre Island

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the boys and I have been in South Padre for Spring break with our besties Jill, Caitlin and Brenna. What a wonderful time! It was super exhausting for the mommas since the daddies didn’t come, but so fun none the less. Can’t wait to tell you everything, but here are a few pictures for today.

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second favorite:


Okay, last week I told you one of my new favorite apps is called KptnCook. Did any of you download it? Well, if not, you have to do so right this minute because one of my recipes will be featured on it next Tuesday, March 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo excited! Can you guess what recipe? I’ll give you hint, I posted it last April and it is one of the first ‘dishes’ I ever learned to make when Brian and I were married in 2006. Definitely get the app and like and save my recipe when its posted next Tuesday, March 15.

third favorite:

Oil and Vinegar cooking Demo

Chili Garlic Bruschetta

Tomorrow I will be giving a cooking demo at the Oil and Vinegar at the Shops at Legacy from 2-4. Three recipes are on the schedule: Stuffed Greek Pasta Salad, Chili Garlic Bruschetta and Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango Pulp Sauce. If you have never visited Oil and Vinegar, please stop by and see me. There are so many ways to flavor food just using their delicious oils and vinegars. Come visit us!

fourth favorite:

My new favorite floral kimono


Every time we visit Padre I love visiting two stores: Isla and Rica. I think technically they are one store because even though they have separate entrances they are attached in the middle and customers can pay on either side.

Brian and I leave for Scottsdale next week and I found some fun Spring styles to take on our trip…but of course, I had to wear one piece immediately: this Floral Fringe Kimono by Umgee. Gah!!! I love it! And of course, I checked and it is available on Amazon for about $10 less than what I paid for it. Oh well.

I styled it with cut off jean shorts, a tank and wedges, and then accessorized by layering the Havana Necklace with the Arc Pendant Necklace. The Small Nolita Crossbody in electric yellow added a fun pop to the floral print. The Aida Tassel Earrings completed the look with funky boho vibe.

fifth favorite:

Susan Posnick Cosmetics

2016-03-01 12.04.27

Y’all I’m in the works with Susan on doing another collaboration in May. Get excited!!!!!!!!!

Check out my previous posts about Susan Posnick Cosmetics and all the reasons why I LOVE HER!

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Happy Friday!

-ciao for now-


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