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It’s Friday which means I’m linking up with my friend Erika to bring you my favorites!

But first, lets have a little laugh:



first favorite:

The KptnCook App


Y’all this app is one of my new favorites! Everyday three new recipes are uploaded to the app complete with beautiful pictures and step-by-step directions. What’s amazing is there is even an option to select how many people you will be feeding and the ingredient measurements change accordingly. How genius is that! In the settings you can turn on your location, and KptnCook will actually locate a grocery store near you and calculate approximately what this meal will cost to purchase. Is this not insane!? You can add what recipes you like to your recipe box–which is excellent because at the end of each day, those recipes are gone and replaced with three new. Storage is free for up to 35 recipes, and then additional storage can be purchased.  I love only three recipes are uploaded at a time; this is much less overwhelming than Pinterest or an enormous cookbook. Everyone should get the KptnCook app Right. This. Minute. You should also check out their blog and find cool kitchen stuff like this measurement chart:


Or this ultimate guide to Salad Dressing:


second favorite:

South Padre Island Gumbo


As you read this I am in route to South Padre Island for Spring Break. (You can read about our last trip to SPI here.) You had better believe that I will be making an enormous pot of this INCREDIBLE Gumbo recipe while on vacay. You should too!

third favorite:

Coola Sunscreen


You know its my fave! I talk about it every Summer and tell you how clean it is, how awesome it smells and most importantly how well it protects your skin from sun damage. There is an entire line of Coola with different SPFs and scents, but my favorite is Coola Sport with SPF 50, Tropical Mango scent.

fourth favorite:



Did you read my first Fabletics Post on Wednesday? Definitely check it out because I answer all your FAQs about the subscription retailer at the end of the post!

fifth favorite:

Social Media



Y’all I have a love/hate relationship with social media for several different reasons: taking over the world, time suck, can create a lack of authenticity, can cause low self-esteem etc… but right this second I’ve loved messing around on Pinterest. A few of my new favorite Pins:


Blackberry Sparkler from Every Little Thing She Does Blog


Natural Easter Tablescape from AKA Designs


Fashion Inspiration from Stella and Dot Pinterest Account–love it!!

You can find me on several different outlets, and I hope you will!






you can also find me on Periscope as @laurentaolb

Happy Friday, lovelies! Make it beautiful!

-ciao for now-


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