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Hello! I’m linking up with my friend, Erika, to bring you my top Five Favorites from the week!

first favorite:

Fur Lined Duck Boots by Sperry

Trench Coat with a cozy sweater and fur lined-duck boots is the ultimate in staying haute when it's cold!Trench Coat with a cozy sweater and fur lined-duck boots is the ultimate in staying haute when it's cold!

If you read my post on Wednesday, Trench Coat Casual, you saw me pair our favorite Style Wheel Big Deal with these glam fur-lined duckboots by Sperry.

These are my new favorite! Perfect for cold days, rainy days, snowy days, sunny days…(which can all be the same day in Texas) and my favorite shoe for the Winter and early Spring. The best part? They are available on Amazon!

Mine are the Black/Graphite but they are also available in Brown/Light Tan.

I walk James to school most mornings, and we have to cross a typically very muddy field, so I bought the boys a pair too to keep them from having wet shoes the rest of the day. The kid versions have zippers on the side so tying/untying isn’t an issue. #momscore

Second Favorite:

The new Getaway Bag from Stella and Dot


Every few seasons, Stella and Dot releases a new pattern for our Getaway bag, and the Spring version is darling! If you haven’t seen our Getaway bag before, it is a bag I truly believe EVERY PERSON should own. Here are the reasons why:


Elephant Print, Indigo Ikat, Green Ikat, Cream and White Stripe

The Getaway comes in 4 GORGEOUS prints if the new black and white stripe isn’t your fancy.

getaway graphic

There is truly a print for whatever your mood–I currently have the Indigo Ikat and Elephant Print–and I’m adding the new Black and Cream Stripe for my trip to Scottsdale in March. (Jill, you should get a matching one with the rewards from your trunk show in February!!!)



Beauty Bag // Jewelry Roll // Hang on Travel Case // Capri Wrap (sale!!)

File Jan 22, 8 57 32 AM

 Elephant Pouf


Striped Pouf

ikat getaway

Spring Green Pouf // Monkey Pouch // Hang On Travel Case

Every single Getaway has coordinating travel accessories. You can collect the entire set to use whether you are heading to the gym or a fantastic vacation!!



That’s right! It’s a two-for-one! Unzip the lower portion for an additional 5 INCHES of space–so necessary for spontaneous shopping.

The Getaway also has a removable/adjustable crossbody strap!


If you are going to be traveling this Spring, I most definitely recommend investing in a fantastic, fashionable Getaway Bag!!!!

third favorite:

Staying in.

After the insanity of December, Brian and I decided to stay in this month. It has been wonderful and restful. And picture-free apparantly as I have no proof to show you.

fourth favorite:

Stella and Dot: 1 year in

File Jan 22, 8 39 52 AM

If you missed my piece on Stella and Dot last Friday, I hope you will take a look. The stigma attached to companies like this was enormous for me in the beginning, and I am so mad it kept me from this #stellalife for FOUR YEARS! Honestly, you will say to yourself, “I wish I had begun sooner!”

fifth favorite:

My sweet friend Emily made us dinner for no reason on Tuesday. Not only was it so helpful not to have to mess with cooking but it was delicious as well!

She made these Lasagna Rolls from the Pioneer Woman


Thank you sweet Emily for the kind gesture!

Have an excellent weekend everybody!

-ciao for now-


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