FlyCleaners has been one of the fastest growing delivery services in the New York area, serving both apartment dwellers and suburbanites alike. The long version: FlyCleaners eliminates one of the most time-consuming parts of cleaning a home: laundry. The short version: FlyCleaners eliminates one of the most time-consuming parts of cleaning a home: laundry. The app makes it easy for customers to request laundry service via their smartphone app and get their laundry picked up at their house in as little as twenty minutes. That, combined with the fact that FlyCleaners gives back to the community, makes this service one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


The story of how FlyCleaners came to be begins almost four years ago when Jonny Czarnet, then a college student, was walking through the woods one day while training with his friends. While walking past a tree stump, he noticed small metallic objects buried under the leaves. He picked one up and placed it in his pocket to check it out…to find that it was a metal fly. Thinking it was some kind of a robot, he threw it away without looking. Less than an hour later, he was sitting in class wondering how he’d forgotten about the fly.

Jonny Czarnet then realized there wasn’t any way for him to wash his clothes by himself in the city, so he decided to set up a FlyCleaner for other people in the city to use. Although many local apartment and condo buildings don’t have hookups for a washing machine like the FlyCleaners do, Jonny’s innovative idea took off. Within a year, he had formed his own company called “FlyCleaner NYC,” which now manufactures and supplies flywashing machines and related accessories to thousands of commercial and residential customers across New York City. Now flycleaners are found in all kinds of places including restaurants, dorm rooms, and hotels.

When I asked Jonny Czarnet how he got the idea for creating the flycleaners, he told me it was actually inspiration from talking to a guy in another office who told him that his boss uses a dry cleaning service to wash his clothes every other day. The guy told him that since dry cleaning was so dirty, his coworkers were getting sicker, getting cavities more frequently, and even catching more serious skin diseases because they couldn’t get their clothes clean. He said that the manager was always trying to reduce the costs of overhead, but couldn’t stop using dry cleaning because it was the only method that keeping employees healthy. As a result, he was buying new clothes from the dry cleaners instead of drying them at the factory.

This turned into an idea for a new kind of laundry service – FlyCleaners. The idea wasn’t new to Jonny because several other companies had already started using this model. What made him really unique though was the fact that he wanted to make it as good as the dry cleaning services, while still providing superior customer service. As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy. He had to overcome initial resistance from employees who felt that they were getting less value for their money, but once they understood what the business opportunity meant to them, they were excited about joining the revolution.

FlyCleaners has been growing rapidly, even though its costs haven’t. They recently raised their pricing for FlySort but still give their customers an affordable option between two of their other laundry services. If you want to sign up for the FlySort app, which is still in testing, you can do that here. If you want to take advantage of FlyCleaners’ super-fast dry cleaning and laundry delivery, you can access their website and book your pickup here. All of these services will surely expand into bigger markets like Los Angeles and New York, giving flycleaners a serious shot at becoming a household name in the cleaning and laundry industries.

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