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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast summer, my siblings and our families rented a house on the Guadalupe River in South Texas for a long weekend together. Thirteen of us total arrived at the three house mini-compound toting groceries, swimsuits, and I think even an X-box–my nephews are teenagers. We kayaked, ate pretzel m&m’s, played cards, fished and made a couple of Wal-Mart runs, but my most favorite part of the weekend was seeing fireflies at dusk.

I remember catching them as a child in my parent’s backyard, but for some reason, I don’t see them much anymore. The orange light of the descending sun turned blue on its way down which made the little bugs easy to see. While I watched my boys’ and my nieces’ faces amongst the little glows of light I pondered  what it was like when God came up with the idea for fireflies. I posed this question to Courtney, my sister, as we walked barefoot around the grassy yard. “I wonder if He said to Himself, I want to make a bug that kids like. Maybe I’ll even make it light up.” She smiled at me and continued my thought, “…I need to make the bug really slow and easy to catch. And gentle, so kids aren’t afraid of them.”

That was the extent of our conversation, but I have thought about that evening many times since. It was such an important reminder to me to teach my kids to find joy in the simple. I don’t want them to grow up and think, “Ah…the soft glow of the iPad reminds me of my childhood. Not interacting with anyone and staring at artificial light. Such happy times…” Will that be their equivalent to my memories of running through the sprinklers in my parent’s front yard?

I often imagine what life would be like if the world was still as it was in the Garden of Eden, before the fall from grace. What simple things would we do for fun? How would it smell? What beautiful noises would we hear? Waterfalls? Would the fruit taste different? Sweeter? Less pesticide-y?

Our world is packed with constant stimulation. Let’s not forget to stop and catch some fireflies every now and then.

-ciao for now-


God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31



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