Well, you finally go and discover a sober dating site dedicated just to singles living an active and healthy non-drug lifestyles and maybe even practicing the principles of a 12 Step Program. After due diligence of looking around probably not a single one or even more that are truly working or even legit. You have come to the conclusion that this is it, this is your chance to meet a soul mate that is perfect for you and kick your addiction once and for all. Or at least that is what you hope and believe. You go and register and the next thing you know, your life goes back to the way it was before.

sober dating site

I can understand how you feel and how you came to that point. I used to be in that same position, I was hooked on drugs and alcohol for over 10 years. Even after going through a very strong drug and alcohol recovery, I still found it difficult to meet people. That is not something I can blame on myself though, it is human nature to want instant gratification. I am sure that anyone who has gone through a recovery will tell you that it has been tough to meet people to date when they have had setbacks like this.

I do understand that you are probably just as tired as I was when I first found my sober dating site. You want someone to love you again, you want to feel like you are doing something good for your health, but at the same time, you wonder if you made the right decision. Now I know that you have probably gone through a lot of therapy and know that you want to move forward with your life, but you are asking yourself if you made the right choice.

The answer to that is YES! Stop wondering why you cannot find a date, or why so many other recovering alcoholics have found success with their dating lives here. When I started my recovery, it was very easy to join a local non-drinkers’ club. These clubs usually meant that I would have to spend countless evenings at a bar, where I would not only have to get drunk, but also possibly get into fights or trouble.

But I soon realized that there were far better online dating sites. They are far more relaxed and user friendly, and there are chat rooms galore on them. There is no pressure to date other members and there are no limits to how many people you can contact and chat with at once. The best recovery dating sites offer all of this and much more.

Another advantage of the best online sober dating sites is that they allow you to view the profiles of other non-drinkers before you contact them. They give you the option to ‘shop around’ until you find someone you feel comfortable with. You can do this by checking out all of the profiles on the site to see if they appeal to you. If they do, then you contact them – and if not, then you keep looking.

Once you have found a few people that you like, then it is time to decide whether you want to pursue a relationship with them or whether you want to pursue the idea of online dating itself. Many recovery programs prefer the second option, as it helps them stay current with the other person’s recovery and also meets the needs of the recovering addict. This allows them to offer assistance, support and encouragement in the early days of the couple’s relationship. This can be very helpful, as both people need to make a commitment to each other before it becomes serious. It is vital for the relationship to be based on love and compassion, not lust. Meeting that need can make a long term relationship much stronger than one based on sexual activity alone.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out a few sober singles dating apps now. Most of the information available will help you decide which you like the best. The more you know about online dating apps, the better chance you have of finding the right one that works for you. So, go out there, find that special someone, and make a new beginning!

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