The annual Speed Date is an internationally acclaimed, month-long event in Kansas City that celebrates single women with men in dating situations. It is a unique experience and the speed dating format is a great way to meet others that have similar interests as you. The idea is that you get a chance to evaluate possible suitors through the course of one evening at Kansas City’s premiere speed dating event. Here are some things about Speed Dating that you should know:

speed date kansas city

– Speed Dating is a monthly long event in Kansas City that brings singles to the downtown area to attend a one hundred feet road race from the heart of Kansas City. Each month, at certain times in different areas, there is a different race with a different theme. The events range from a million dollar match up between two of the fastest men and women in the world to a quarter meeting between some of your local singles. It’s a great way to see and be seen by others, all while learning about what’s available in Kansas City dating.

– There is a large Speed Dating crowd in Kansas City for any season. This means there is always a crowd of people trying to get dates at the Speed Date. There are many different venues for speed dating in Kansas City, but the premier spot for speed dating in the area is the downtown spot. It has been known to get packed on some nights, but it always has a large crowd. You can find out more about the venues in our website.

– The best way to find dates at the Speed Date is to go to the venue, pay for admission, and then meet singles in the parking lot or around the corner. Most venues have signs posted that show when the next date will be and it will give you a good chance of meeting someone. Most people attending the speed date in Kansas City want to meet other people, so they are naturally going to be in the area looking for someone to meet.

– Most single women prefer to meet someone in person before they consider dating. A speed dating event gives singles an opportunity to meet singles in one night, without any commitment to actually meet them in person. Many women do not like to feel like they have to make that first impression just to get a date. They can meet someone that they might like to go out on a date later, even if that initial date does not go well.

Speed dating is a fun way to meet other people in the Kansas City area. It also allows single women to meet other women. Whether you want to take your date to a bar or restaurant for dinner, you can have a great date at the speed date in Kansas City. Whether you want to meet someone to go out on a date, or you just want to see them, Kansas City is the place to go for a great night out.

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