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Happy Love Month! Can you believe it’s already February? I have a lot of news to tell you, so I’ll go ahead and get started.

First, you may have noticed a new tab in the above menu marked ‘Services.’ If curiosity prompts to do some clicking, you will find I am now offering Wardrobe Styling and Consultation as well as Tablescape Design. I know we can all appreciate a dynamite Look and beautiful table setting, but that doesn’t mean we posses the know-how to make it happen. Whether you need help with organizing your closet, your everyday uniform or something stellar for a special occasion, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to help. The same goes for entertaining. Let me help set the table and plan the menu, so you can focus on your guests.

You may have also noticed I’ve linked lots of Stella and Dot pieces to my posts lately, and that is sure not to change…after years of asking, Amanda finally persuaded me to become a Stylist for Stella and Dot and I couldn’t be more excited. The accessories line is very diverse, from sparkly statement necklaces to delicate chains to colorful handbags. I’ll always link the pieces I wear to the site where you can purchase them, or if you are local, I am happy to throw a trunk show for you and your friends. You can contact me through the ‘contact’ page or email me at

To make things even easier, I have included three large buttons that look like this on the left sidebar.

It very much pleases me to tell you The Art of Living Beautifully has joined the social media world of Bloglovin‘. You can find a tiny button that looks like this on the left sidebar with the other social media buttons. Bloglovin‘ is a delightful little invention–especially for those of you who don’t subscribe to my blog because you don’t want any more emails coming to your Inbox. I totally get it! With Bloglovin‘, you can receive posts from all your favorite blogs in ONE email. Just sign up to receive the ones you love…like The Art of Living Beautifully. 🙂

On to other February news.

February is heart health month! Did you know heart attacks are the number one killer of women in the United States? It’s not breast cancer like I assumed. A friend of ours invented this nifty little aspirin holder called an Aspirinpod that can clip onto your keychain, purse, gym bag, tacklebox…anywhere. Chewing aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack can significantly improve your chances of survival, as well as lower the possibility of permanent damage to the heart. You can learn more about heart health and Aspirinpod on their website. Everyone take care of their hearts and the hearts of their loved ones by ordering an Aspirinpod today!

If you follow TAOLB on Facebook, you probably got the hint that this month’s Style Wheel Big Deal is a sequin skirt! Yay! You won’t believe how versatile they can be. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Tartan Sequin Skirt / Black Sequin Skirt  / White Sequin Skirt / Gold Sequin Skirt

Go ahead and pick one up so you can sparkle all Spring in yours too! And get excited because Amanda and I are doing a sequin skirt collaboration.

This is my favorite necklace for February–you can guess why, and I especially love it with the Chelsea Tech Wallet in the Glow Pink Perf pattern. Very Valentines-y!

Stay tuned this month for a romantic Valentine Tablescape a deux, as well as a fantastic meal to share with your main squeeze…it’s very simple, and very delicious…and kinda funny, too. (I’ll explain later.) Check out my ‘Will You Be My Valentine’ Pinboard for a little extra Valentine’s Inspiration.

I venture into Sadie’s Potting Shed for a little flower project, and most importantly will share some Quoteworthy thoughts on 1 Corinthians 13–because why not. It is the Love month, and the Lord knows more about Love than anybody.

Much, much love to all of you on this first day of February! xo

-ciao for now-


photo credit to Patrizia Montanari

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