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Unfortunately, Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) has arrived in McKinney. RRD is a virus that lives and multiples in the microscopic Eirophyid mite. The virus becomes systemic within the plant and disrupts the DNA of the plant. The mite is carried on the wind, clothing and water from rose to rose; it cannot survive on any other plant.

Symptoms include “witches broom”, excessive thorns, horizontal branching, increase in leaves, malformed leaves and buds, red stems and leaves, and rapid spindly stem elongation.

If your roses exhibit three or more of these symptoms, the likelihood of infection is high. The plant must be removed to avoid contaminating other roses.

Extensive research has proven that:

  1. There is no variety of rose that is resistant
  2. There is no proven way to protect a rose from becoming infected
  3. There is no known way to treat an infected plant
  4. The only way to kill the virus is to remove the infected plant

To see photos of symptoms of Rose Rosette, please visit Beth’s Blog, and search #RoseRosetteDisease

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