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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning to you! 

What a fantastic month February has been. New subscribers received 5 Tips to Ensuring a Beautiful 2020…even if they are starting a month late! There is still time to get this FREE DOWNLOAD! Just make sure you subscribe by entering your email address HERE

Early in February I recapped a wonderful experience I had attending the French Valentine’s Lunch through A Taste of Paris. Friends! This was such a fun time! When companies you LOVE host events, may I suggest you attend and incorporate fun experiences into your personal culture! Something special happens when groups of women get together and are open to learn, grow, and find inspiration. You can read all about my French Valentine’s experience by clicking HERE. 


Speaking of attending wonderful events, don’t forget I’m hosting a private art class taught by Andrea Holmes on Saturday March 21 at 10am. Friends, PLEASE JOIN US! What better way to celebrate our Spring magazine (The Color Issue) than with an art class!? Learn more about the event by reading this post, or get your tickets HERE.

Have you tried the best GF cookie recipe ever?! Head over to the recipe for what I call the Quad C (Cashew-Coconut-Chocolate-Cookie) for a super clean, gluten free cookie that will blow your mind…even if you aren’t gluten free!

Don’t forget to read about my time spent in the makeup chair of one Daniel Blaylock, celebrity makeup artist and genius behind the trademarked “Dallifornia” look. I recap 5 tips I learned from sitting in his chair for a few hours–one (about lip liner) will change your life!!

And finally, earlier this week I published an article about my favorite of the 10 Commandments, Thou Shall Not Murder. I share insight on how we can incorporate this commandment into our everyday in a deeper level. Intrigued? Click HERE to read more. 

I hope your February was full of love and growth and that you found the content on TAOLB inspiring. Please forward any of your favorite articles to friends and family who you know would enjoy it. I am always looking to grow TAOLB’s community, and I appreciate your support! See you next month.

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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