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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Hey McKinney!

Good morning! I know I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but I’m kind of excited to share a few things with you and all of them have to do with our favorite pool floats for Summer 2019.

At the beginning of every summer I order new pool floats for Brian, James, Caleb and me. Sometimes I surprise them, but this year James helped me pick them out. This is such a fun tradition for our family, and no, they don’t typically last for more than one summer but thats okay. For as much as we use our pool during the warm months, we love having new ways to entertain ourselves in the water.

Caleb Matthew graciously offered to “model” each float for us today. And get this, all of them are on Prime with free same-day shipping!!! Wahoo! You can be floating around on one of these by this evening.

Caleb’s float: The Whoopie Cushion

James’s float: The Pelican

Brian’s float(s): Bacon and Eggs (these came as a set)

Lauren’s float: The Palm Leaf

So if you need us we will probably be floating around on one of these this summer. Don’t forget these are on Prime with FREE same-day shipping right now. I think pool floats are really fun gifts for summer birthdays for kids and adults, so take advantage and scratch some names off your list. Have a great weekend friends!

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