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All summer long when I was growing up, my mother always had a pitcher in the fridge that held lemonade. My friends and I loved having this available to us, and I’d like to have the same for my boys. Unfortunately so many lemonades I’ve found at the store have HORRIBLE ingredients, and I honestly don’t see myself making lemonade from scratch. #dontjudge

A few weeks ago, I put a question out on our Facebook Group page asking our members what lemonade they recommend that is tasty with clean ingredients, and I was excited to see so many respond with different ideas. Taking those suggestions, I did a little research and have found a few favorites to share with you.

True Citrus Drink Mix

These packets are perfect to add to your typical 16 oz water bottles! True Citrus products are made with ingredients you can pronounce: citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice, cane sugar, stevia leaf extract, natural flavor, beet juice and tumeric for color. It contains only 10 calories per serving and has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, gluten or sodium.We found an assortment of True Citrus flavors at Kroger on Lake Forest and Eldorado.

NOTE: It was recommended to me to use True Citrus to flavor vodka cocktails–which of course I did–and you know what? It was quite delicious! I tried both lemonade and raspberry lemonade. I preferred raspberry lemonade best mixed with water, and the regular lemonade mixed with citrus flavored vodka and and pellegrino.

Santa Cruz Organics

Santa Cruz Organics is an excellent company that has been around since the early 1970s. Their love of nature is evident in each process, whether harvesting, selecting the glass bottles and in their commitment to remaining sustainable, responsible and keeping the planet remarkable! Santa Cruz Organics is USDA Certified Organic adn Non-GMO Certified. Ingredients include filtered water, organic sugar, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic lemon juice and organic natural lemon flavor. It has 22 grams of sugars and 90 calories per serving. We found Santa Cruz Organics at Market Street.

Trader Joe’s Low Calorie Lemonade

So this was my favorite of the lot. It isn’t USDA Certified Organic, but is certified organic by Quality Assurance International…honestly I don’t know the difference. The ingredients are clean: water, organic lemon juice, organic cane sugar, citric acid, organic lemon extract, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic flavor, natural flavor, stevia rebiana extract. It’s tangy without being too sweet which I absolutely love–it almost has a little bit of a lime flavor.  40 calories per serving 9 grams of sugars. Available only at Trader Joe’s.

I hope you enjoy some of these lemonade ideas this summer. Stay cool and hydrated McKinney!

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