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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Y’all, every once in a while when writing a post, I am literally giddy to share it with you. Today is one of those days. I wandered into Fair & Square Imports, one of my favorite stores on the Downtown McKinney Square, a few weeks ago and was blown away by all the wonderful gift items they had in stock. PLUS in case you didn’t know, Fair & Square Imports works EXCLUSIVELY with Fair Trade artisans and companies around the world. At Fair & Square every item is unique, handmade, & positively impacts the world. Fair trade is a system that not only aims to pay fair wages, but also ensures:

  • Safe working conditions
  • Community investment
  • No child exploitation
  • Pre-purchases & prompt payments
  • Equal opportunity for women
  • Honest & long-term relationships
  • Environmentally friendly

Fun gifts from a responsible company…YES PLEASE! Below are 10 of my favorite gifts and stocking stuffers from Fair & Square. Head over there today and cross every name off your list! (Make sure you read to the very end because I have 5 BONUS favorite gifts, and I’ll share with you where to find them!)

1.) Handmade jingle bells – if you read our November magazine, you may recognize the mini bells as one of the suggestions I gave to adorn your gift wrap. Whether using to decorate a wreath, garland, or the tree, these beautiful bells are such a lovely, unexpected purchase for the friend who appreciates interesting decor.


2.) Assorted baskets – who here doesn’t love a good basket? The various colors, sizes, and shapes at F&S provide an excellent assortment of baskets to give as gifts. Better yet, use them as the gift wrap and place all sorts of fun treasures inside! They can then be used to hold laundry, fruit, bath towels, plants and the like.


3. ) 100% pure Cashmere shawls – these neutral shawls from F&S are absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful price!! $55 for cashmere measuring 6.5’x2.5’…this is an ABSOLUTE for everyone’s list! PS. They have scarves and blankets too!

4. ) Assorted jewelry – Y’all! The jewelry at Fair & Square is beautiful, fun, and an excellent price! Grab a couple of pieces for gift exchanges, stockings…or even a gift for yourself. All the pieces are made from Fair Trade vendors all over the world, which is not the case for MOST inexpensive jewelry we buy. Get in the habit of shopping for jewelry at F&S!


5.) Tid-bit bowls – Okay guys, am I the only one who LOVES little bowls? Honestly! I’m always really excited to have a new little bowl to use for jewelry, snacks, soy sauce, salt…whatever tiny thing that needs a home. These made of soapstone are hand carved, which makes each one extra special.

6.) Singing Bowls – I was first introduced to a singing bowl when I was having a massage that included “sound healing.” I had never heard of one before, but couldn’t believe how peaceful and relaxed I felt from the tone created by the bowl. Simply hold the bowl in the palm of your hand, and lightly touch the side of the stick to the outer rim. Move it steadily around the outside keeping firm contact until the bowl starts to sing.  (3 sizes.)

7.) Foot-shaped pumice stone – I’m sorry but are these not the cutest stocking stuffer you have ever seen?

8.) Assorted Children’s Books – F&S has a large assortment of children’s books that tell cultural stories from all over the world. The books at Fair & Square aren’t books that I’ve seen at typical bookstores. These are unique stories that most kiddos likely don’t have. How much fun to look through their wide selection and pick the perfect story for every child in your family.

9.) Santa Gourd Ornament – Are these hand painted Santa gourds not precious? Pick up a few to keep on hand for ornament exchanges and holiday hostess gifts.

10.) Divine Chocolate – I was introduced to Divine Chocolate the very first time I ever visited Fair & Square and immediately became obsessed. If you are into ingredients like myself, you will be happy to know that there are no artificial flavors, palm oil, soy, and no GMOs. I love the “flight” of mini bars so I can try the different flavors. Every stocking needs Divine Chocolate!


Friends, Fair & Square Imports is THE BEST place for holiday shopping. As you can see they have a tremendous variety of gifts, and there are so many more that I didn’t have time or space to mention! I am giving 5 bonus gifts over on my Instastories today, so make sure you head to Instagram and tap my profile pic to see what they are!  THESE LAST 5 ARE AWESOME…YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS CHECKING THESE OUT!

Have a wonderful week friends. Shoot me an email if you are heading over to Fair & Square…I just might meet you there. 🙂


To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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