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Hello and happy Friday! Are you as happy as I am about what day it is? Today i am excited to bring you my newest Favorite Favorites post all about…PONCHOS! If you are new around here, every Friday I share my MOST FAVORITE items that I’m currently obsessing over. Before I share with you my favorite ponchos, let me tell you three reasons why I love them so much.


  1. Many ponchos are warm enough for you to omit a coat. The poncho I’m wearing above is probably warmer than all my jackets combined and is MUCH more comfortable to wear.
  2. Ponchos come in a very wide variety of colors…although I am partial to gray.
  3. Even on “fat” days ponchos fit! Friends, clothes don’t always have to be so tight. Loosen up a little. Wear a poncho.

The above photos were shot by Patrizia Montanari and originally published on The Art of Living Beautifully in November of 2014 in the Baby, it’s cold outside post.

This is the poncho I have been wearing on repeat. Friends, it is snuggly warm, ├╝ber soft and the perfect amount of weight for these crazy cold days. I love wearing it with dark denim and a long-sleeved, navy shirt underneath. The monochromatic base layer instantly steps the poncho up a notch. The best part? No coat required! Isn’t it nice to not have to lug a heavy coat everywhere you go!?

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