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Hello and yes…it is FRIDAY! Can I get a fist bump for this incredible bit of news???!!!

Today I bring you Our Favorite Favorites from the past week. If you are new around here, I do this most Fridays and hope you enjoy hearing about what has us excited. PLEASE feel free to send us some of your favorites as well and we may feature them on!

Leopard Throw Pillow by Giraffe

Confession: I ordered these on Anniversary Sale a few weeks ago and they are now full price…but may I tell you how exquisitely soft these pillows are and how badly you need these in your home!? You may have heard of the Giraffe brand before if you have ever purchased their baby blankets known for their luxurious softness. Well, Giraffe has expanded and now offers home pieces for adults, these pillows included. The interior of my house is mostly turquoise and beach-y in theme, and I thought these pillows would be a good way to bring some autumn color into my home in preparation for the upcoming season. Mission accomplished! Now my only task is keeping the kids and the dog away!

Beth's Gardening Tip

I am so thankful to our Resident Gardener, Beth DiGioia, for sharing a monthly gardening tip with us. For August, she talks to us about Autumn Sage and the best ways to preserve it for the upcoming cooler months. If you don’t subscribe to The Art of Living Beautifully I hope you will in order to receive all of Beth’s tips plus lots of other fun content! If you ever have any gardening questions, you can contact Beth directly by visiting her website.


We leave for Watercolor, Florida in just a few weeks and I have been keeping my eyes open for essentials to take there for our vacation. How beautiful is this handmade hat from Bay Willow Design and straw tote bag from Pumps Boutique…both located on the Downtown McKinney Square. I love that both pieces are designed with an oversized shape in mind. This adds a bit of drama and flare to my typical mom style of a swimsuit and cover-up. If you are looking for specialized and unique, definitely visit both of these stores!

Molly Phillips Earrings

James and Caleb (Brian) gave me these beautiful Molly Phillips earrings for my 35th birthday two weeks ago. If you have done any shopping over the past year, you will have seen that tassel earrings are all the rage, but I don’t believe I have seen any this beautiful. Stop by Sharla’s and pick up a pair for yourself…they come in all colors!

Herbed Risotto with Sea Scallops

So while I’m bragging on Beth I will also brag a bit on our Resident Chef, Lorie Fangio, and the incredible recipe she shared with us earlier this week. Have you seen this Herbed Risotto with Sea Scallops?? Does it not look divine!? I personally have made and tasted this recipe and can 100% confirm it is not difficult and incredibly delicious. Stay tuned for more of Lorie’s wonderful recipes or check out her website.

The Art of Living Beautifully Magazine

And last but not least, I am so excited about our upcoming FIRST ISSUE of The Art of Living Beautifully digital magazine! So much content dedicated to shedding light on McKinney culture and small business. Although the magazine will eventually publish quarterly, we have three issues publishing in the next 4 months: September issue, special edition issue for ManeGait in October, and the November issue are all in the works! Again if you don’t subscribe to The Art of Living Beautifully, I would so appreciate your support. You can be sure to receive our magazines by visiting the Subscribe page on my website.

PS Before you go, I want to tell you The Art of Living Beautifully is hiring! Please check our contact page for a full job description and send a writing sample and resume to

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