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When my sister was home from Oregon over the Christmas Holiday, she mentioned she wished I would post fashion pieces that were more casual; looks she could wear every day. It’s true my preference lends itself toward the stylized, often thwarting the chance of finding traditional ‘everyday’ looks on the blog.   I’m truly not often attending fancy events or traveling to exotic locations, but I like to pretend my existence here in McKinney, Texas is still deserving of high heels. The way in which we choose to face the world each day has such an impact on self confidence, productivity even joy. When the boys were really little, I feel like I looked awful all the time. Makeup? Yeah right. Shower? Mmmmm….. Clothes without spit-up running down the front? Not often. I’m glad things have changed a bit now.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful sister: A San Antonio girl for 20 years found herself in the wilds of Oregon away from fashion that catered to the Texas heat and vivid colors of Fiesta to that of the Pacific Northwest.

Margaritas with salt, sky high wedges and big Texas hair balanced by ruby Texas lips were stowed. Patagonia, hiking sandals (oh-yes-she-did!!!) and earthy Pinot Noirs are the new normal. And she does it with all the grace and style any Southern Belle could ever hope to have.

Go get ’em Coco.


Cold, cold Winter days often present us with a problem: How do I look haute when its cold? Can layers and layers actually be chic? Do long johns need to factor in here somewhere? Lucky for us the Camel Trench isn’t just for ladies luncheons or business meetings. A trench coat is traditionally made to cover legs, protect from the wind and provide warmth. There is also something to be said about that ultimate cozy winter sweater. Overly big. Turtleneck. Plenty of length. Soft wool. Visions of a ski lodge fire place come to mind just typing these words.

Or…for a dressier (Texas) spin, grab your Black and White striped tote, Kate Spade sunnies and nude heels, and head to…the grocery store.

Trench Coat with a cozy sweater and fur lined-duck boots is the ultimate in staying haute when it's cold!Trench Coat with a cozy sweater and fur lined-duck boots is the ultimate in staying haute when it's cold!


How do I look Haute when it’s cold?

Trench Coat + Cozy Sweater + Favorite Jeans + Fur-lined Duck Boots = Haute when its cold.

Camel Trench provides sophistication while protecting from the biting gales of wind. Haute when it’s cold. √

This army green crossover turtleneck sweater is thick and warm while providing an interesting silhouette. Haute when it’s cold.√

Favorite skinny jeans equal comfort while also creating shape. Haute when it’s cold. √

Fur-lined Duck Boots are glam (hello fur!) warm, durable, water-proof, unexpected, cool, warm and neat. And awesome. Haute. Haute. Haute when it’s cold.√√√

Don’t feel funny pairing a dressy coat over your casual digs. In Texas, you just might see a certain Sadie wearing her full length mink over a velour sweatsuit to the grocery store. It happens.

It’s cold. Be Haute.

-ciao for now-


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photo credit Patrizia Montanari

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