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I’m off to San Francisco today for a meeting about my other little project The StyleWheel, and believe it or not am up in the hours beginning with 4 to write this post, pack and jet. So today I quickly want to tell you the importance of a Little Black Dress.


Last year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I purchased a fun little two piece cocktail number and clearly stated on this blog how nice it was to wear something other than a LBD. I’m not taking that statement back…it is nice to change it up sometimes. However, the Little Black Dress is a staple we should ALL have hanging in our wardrobes and ALWAYS have hanging in our wardrobes. We should have more than just one. If comfortable, you should have a strapless one. They should not be too short. Little Black Dresses can look so classy on one hand, and so trashy on the other. Keep the length age appropriate.


You should also have a pair of close toed black pumps. These are always classic and chic. I complained a zillion times about not having a pair, and then Brian surprised me with some for my birthday in the Summer. Now that I have them, I will NEVER be without a pair again!


This dress by Topshop is now on sale at Nordstrom. Scoop it up! ITS ONLY $54.99!!!!!!!!! If you don’t love this one, Topshop has lots of other options.



Little Black Dresses are the PERFECT look to accessorize because you basically have a blank pallet. I’m wearing the Aida Tassel Necklace and matching earrings. They are eye-catching and versatile, and such a cool statement to pair with the classic silhouette of this dress.  The Aria cuff is large enough to be seen against the black, but classic enough not to interfere with the simplicity of the dress. A small metallic clutch is always a favorite as well.

aVlQIfsKmGODzraGvjxYAj45DjgnfeVObStZ_F5KAgcBeD-c6DrqSgiAnU0wfp3D0jzne2BvrpxPC4jIXuctsIJT08rSoIkz82JI2AfLzOi37Nbm4eMfkUjl7_SyK--TgYes, the tassels are navy…and guess what. I LOVE BLACK AND NAVY TOGETHER! stay tuned…

My friend, Emily, and myself had a style session via text on Friday night, and after multiple wardrobe changes, she finally settled on an LBD for the charity event she was attending. The LBD is always a lifesaver. Fashion tip of the day? Get a little black dress.

-ciao for now-


photo credit: Patrizia Montanari

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