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For my final look for December’s Style Wheel Big Deal, I thought it would be an excellent idea to allow this dress to be all that it truly is: glamorous and sparkly.


Today I’ve paired with it my most favorite of favorite accessories, and I think we really need to discuss my earrings and wrap before we go any further…because are they not the most fantastic pieces of wearable art you have ever seen?

Two words.

Janete Zamboni.

From her atelier in the heart of historic Rome, Janete began designing accessories in 2002 with a never before seen approach to jewelry, simply defined as “loose pearls in a net.” Her intricate, engineered designs rule the runways at Paris Fashion Week–and lucky for us–our own Sharla Bush has brought these designs home to McKinney. And although I don’t wear Zamboni while in line for carpool…well, not often…I adore having truly special pieces to wear to truly special times in our lives.


Brian gave me these earrings for Christmas several years ago. We refer to them as the snakes, DNA strands, ear slinkies and various other ridiculous names, but however we chose to call them, they always receive high amounts of praise and I wish I could call up JZ and tell her grazie for creating something so remarkable.

And the wrap.


Probably the most unique, exceptional piece of couture that I own, and how spectacular that it is made completely of black net and Swarovski crystals. I was there the day it arrived at Sharla’s and watched as she unpacked it. We all stared.

What was it?

A giant necklace?

Fancy European shoulder pads we Americans hadn’t heard of yet?

I am not ashamed to admit I have cried a handful of times in my life as a result of great artistic beauty: the first time I saw Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus in person–I was just 20; watching Cabarét at Studio 54 in NYC my senior year of college; attending the opera in Venice in 2013, unpacking two gowns from Versace’s 2006 resort collection while working as a Couture Stylist at Nordstrom…and seeing this Janete Zamboni wrap for the first time.

It has no functionality other than to be stunning, and to that, it hits the mark every time. I think everyone should have a piece in their wardrobe that’s only purpose is to be exquisite.

After the enormous statement made by these two JZ accessories, not much is really needed to complete this look: a pair of tights with rhinestone seams and a clutch made entirely of glitter seemed in order.

Posts like this one are certainly not meant to remind you of things you don’t have or looks you could never pull off. My hope is to inspire you to appreciate the artistry that goes in to fashion, and to encourage you to Go For It. I promise not every person that sees this wrap is uber impressed by it. In fact, many don’t “get it.” But I don’t care, and I don’t spend even one second worrying about what they think. I know its beautiful. I know the designer is talented. And I love it. When it comes to personal style what else truly matters?

Its good for us to get over ourselves and step outside of our comfort zone every once in a while…especially if you are stepping out in head-to-toe sparkles and a joyful smile.


-ciao for now-


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