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I wrestled with the idea of wearing a tutu for this post over the past few weeks. I’m well past my years as a ballerina. My name is Lauren Palmer not Carrie Bradshaw. And I’m 33 years old. Was a tutu beyond something I could pull off?

tutu trio

But when it came time for Valentine’s Day, the thought of a garment as feminine and LOVEly as blush and tulle forced all tulle-related-inhibitions to fade away and my excitement became decidedly…fluffy!

How might one go about bringing a shot of sophistication to an ethereal, playful tutu? Lets begin with referring to said tutu as a tulle skirt…just because it sounds a little less ridiculous.  Then add a button up (chambray!) shirt, black blazer and closed toed heels. Styling with structured, polished pieces enables this skirt to act as creative fashion addition to the look as opposed to a costume, or even something more demonstrative that screams Look at me! I’m wearing a tutu! La-di-da! I love tutus!

This look is whimsical and fun, and I get it–not for everyone–but for those of you who LOVE to play with fashion and embrace a bit of whimsy in your wardrobes, a look such as this is the perfect ensemble to wear for Valentine’s brunch or lunch or dinner!


This silver-specked tank top from Target is one of my new favorite favorites, and adds a nice contrast to the faded wash of chambray. Sparkling silver Stella glistens against the tank; One necklace is geometrical, one is sentimental and both together echo our theme of sophisticated whimsy.

Someone tell me lockets are not wonderful. This engraved trinket holds pictures of Brian and my boys, three Valentine’s that are especially loved this month. I think this piece of Stella is by far one of the BEST gifts, and I love that engraving is included in the price!

A small gray clutch with metallic threads is an excellent place to conceal a Valentine…as well as Susan Posnick’s ColorEssential lipstick in Dallas, the perfect shade of LOVEly pink!


love! love! love!

-ciao for now-



photo credit: patrizia montanari


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