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spicy pulled pork sweet potatoes


Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork

1 1/2 cups Corn and Black Bean Salsa *our grocery store sales corn salsa, so I just buy it already made and add black beans, but I’ve pinned a couple of recipes in case you need one. It’s very easy to make! 🙂

2 TBS plain Greek Yogurt

1-2 TBS juice from crockpot *careful to avoid the fat

4 Sweet Potatoes, baked

Cilantro for garnish

Salt and Pepper


1.)  In a very small bowl, mix juice from crockpot and Greek yogurt to make a sauce. Salt and Pepper as needed. Set aside

2.) In a small bowl, gently mix about 2 cups of pork with salsa using a wooden spoon.

3.) Cut the skin of a (hot) baked potatoes long ways down the center. Make 3 short perpendicular cuts in the middle and at each end of the first cut. Push ends of potato towards eachother to create an opening…hopefully you don’t need instructions on how to open a baked potato, but if you do I hope these make sense. 😉

4.) Stuff about 3/4 cup  of pork mixture into the potato and drizzle with sauce.

5.) Repeat with 3 other potatoes.

buon appetito!

spicy pulled pork sweet potatoesspicy pulled pork sweet potatoes

-ciao for now-


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