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#holidaydessert #pepperminticecream #christmasfood

Probably 10 years ago, I was in San Antonio attending Kappa Kappa Gamma Tablescapes at the San Antonio Country Club. After viewing all the gorgeous tablesettings arranged throughout the club house, we sat down to a delicious lunch followed by this dessert which quickly became my most favorite simple dessert ever. Peppermint ice cream with hard shell chocolate topping is a tradition that is served at KKG Tablescapes each year and now also at my home.

Blue Bell Peppermint ice cream is only available during the winter months, so make sure you stock up. The pink ice cream is full of real peppermint candy pieces. Gah!

#holidaydessert #pepperminticecream #christmasfood #holidaydessert #pepperminticecream #christmasfood

Smuckers Magic Shell Chocolate Topping is a grocery store find with gourmet appeal. It’s just chocolate syrup that hardens when it gets cold, but the addition of it to any ice cream flavor elevates the experience a bit to that of an epicurean confection fit for a state dinner. Smuckers Magic Shell is the best brand to purchase. I’ve tried others and for whatever reason I don’t like them as well.

Enjoy all the oooos and ahhhs you’ll receive, and don’t feel the least bit guilty that it was soooo simple to “make.”

buon appetito!

-ciao for now-


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