Ecoventura Yacht Club Review – Four Wonders of the Galapagos Islands

Ecoventura specializes in luxury cruise vacations. It offers more than just ocean cruising; it provides an unforgettable experience for its passengers. Ecoventura operates cruises all through the Galapagos Islands, from Ecuador to Argentina. The Galapagos cruise offers fun activities for children and adults alike, such as swimming with the dolphins, trekking to bird sanctuary, or taking a walk down the volcano.

Ecoventura yachts are among the most luxurious of yachts in the world. Ecoventura’s luxury yachts have spacious decks for entertaining guests, as well as large bathrooms and spas. Ecoventura yachts usually feature a full kitchen, dining area, and cocktail tables for more formal gatherings. Ecoventura offers romantic dinners for two at their yachts, and ecoventura’s signature cocktails and wines are available for purchase at their restaurants. Ecoventura’s specialty is its Ecoventura Ventana, a ventilated boat deck that is open to all, where guests can socialize and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea.

At night, ecoventura’s deck is opened up to celebrate the ship’s arrival at each port. On the nights of each port, guests enjoy live music performed by live nature guides, along with dancing, magicians, fire performances, and local dancers. Ecoventura also arranges for short cocktail parties, where guests can mingle while enjoying a cocktail. At night, ecoventura offers special dinner cruises for romantic couples on their first Galapagos trip. These dinner cruises are led by gourmet chef Dori Said, who serves everything from sushi to vegetarian meals, while Dori’s partner, Marla, prepares the exquisite cocktails and delicacies on the deck.

A large number of people choose ecoventura as their ideal place to vacation. Located on four islands, ecoventura offers spectacular views, luxurious accommodations, and convenient conveniences for a relaxing vacation. The luxurious deck of ecoventura offers seating for twenty to forty guests. Other amenities include a salon for the rich and a restaurant for casual dining and entertainment.

Ecoventura Yacht Club, located on San Cristobal Island, offers a variety of sailing adventures. Guests can choose to take a Galapagos cruises or a luxury yachts tour. Galapagos tours allow guests to experience the beauty and diversity of the many animals and plants found on the five Galapagos Islands. On a Galapagos cruise, guests can choose to visit volcanic craters, wildlife islands, sea lions, and vegetation-filled islands. Other activities include snorkeling, diving, and horseback riding, while enjoying the scenery and seascapes of these world famous islands.

Ecoventura also offers live music and special entertainment events featuring local talents. This unique club has also become a venue for concerts and Galapagos exhibits. The club offers an extensive inventory of both local and international CDs and also hosts popular musical events, including local favorites, salsa and tango music. In addition to these live events, ecoventura also offers a large archive of classical and contemporary music, including selections from such diverse artists as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, John Denver, and Elton John.

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