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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good Morning McKinney!

Back in the spring, I introduced you to Pool Scouts, the local pool servicing company dedicated to putting the P back into your pools, Professionalism! You also read about Pool Scouts in the May magazine which you can read by clicking here. For those of you who haven’t yet asked Pool Scouts to make your pool life better by taking all responsibility to make it sparkle, today’s post will probably persuade you to pick up the phone!

Friends, how awesome is it that Pool Scouts offers eco-friendly pool cleaning and maintenance? When it comes to safe and effective pool cleaning, Pool Scouts provides a program that is compatible with all sanitizing programs, filters, and surfaces. Leveraging oxygen-rich water (which is better for swimmers, equipment, and the environment) promotes longer cell life. This eliminates the need for weekly chlorinated shock and lengthens time between cleanings.

The eco-friendly pool cleaning service from Pool Scouts also cuts down on unnecessary packaging and plastic waste by stabilizing weekly chemical costs and treatments. And yes, it is just as affective as non-eco-friendly treatments. The team at Pool Scouts can treat phosphates, metals, organics, and carbonates. The eco-friendly option doesn’t require waiting to swim after use; and with their no-algae guarantee your family won’t ever miss day a day of summer fun.

Friends, reach out to Pool Scouts today and allow them to take care of all your pool maintenance with eco-friendly pool treatments. It will save you time, energy, water, and the hassle of having to do it yourself.


Thank you Pool Scouts for sponsoring this post. 

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