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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

I have been a morning person my entire life, a trait I believe I inherited from my darling father. Neither of us really need an alarm to wake up prior to the sun. Although this attribute caused annoyance to me (and many of my former roommates) during my younger years, this time in the early morning — before anyone else in the house is awake — has become a treasured and valued time for me, as it is when I center and pray before the grind begins.

Below is an excerpt from my journal written on January 13 of this year. Amongst the chaos, the noise, the everyday, the distractions, it really is comforting to remember that in those early morning moments, when stillness and replenishment are still fresh from the night, that God waits to meet me.

Early mornings. While everyone is still asleep, I stumble through the dark house and flick on a light. My eyes do not squint, because prior to this venture into the dark, I stayed in bed and checked my phone: the verse of the day, and then, yes, social media…because however much I detest looking for validation through those outlets, at this young point in the life of my business it is a marker I use to see how strong the response is to what content I have provided my followers. I wonder though if this is wise.

I walk to the fireplace and light it easily, and I’m reminded of how thankful I am we invested in gas logs. Coffee is made in a French Press, the extra work being worth it for taste, although I don’t know the proper measurements, so it is ball-parked and impatiently pressed probably before the flavor has had time to develop. I sit in a turquoise chair by the fire and write. Typically, I write out my prayers and applicable verses. I finish with a to-do list, a list I ask God to create each day. I rely on Him to be my boss, my team, as it is me and me alone who makes every decision at work. A morning meeting with my CEO gives me the direction and wisdom I crave, and boy do I crave it.

A grandfather clock sits across from me and chimes every 15 minutes, reminding me that this time spent quietly with the Lord is precious. The crew will be up soon.

The flames from the fire flick light across my page and I sip coffee, my mind already racing from topic to topic. But I come back here. I write the Word. I ask forgiveness. I pray favor over my family, over our businesses. I lift up others who have asked me for prayer; And I lift up those who haven’t asked but that I sense need it.

His peaceful presence enters my soul and I feel calm. The soft energy quiets my thoughts in answer to my prayers, and I am reminded how simple a task it was to find Him.


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