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From the desk of Deanne Paul

Are you part of the photo-taking, selfie-posting culture we live in? Technology has advanced making it so much easier to document our daily lives, whether it’s a fabulous vacation, a baby’s first steps, milestone birthdays or a gathering of dear friends with no particular reason necessary. These are the joys of life that become the very things we look back upon as cherished memories.

During this season of giving, photos are also the source and inspiration for personalized and meaningful gifts. Some of my favorites through the years have been digital or traditional scrapbooks, photo calendars, coffee mugs, and this year I’m in love with canvas prints!

I’m also inspired by the joy of receiving Christmas cards with news from loved ones each year. I confess I am often disappointed when there is not a photo or personal message included. I long to “SEE” those I don’t have the luxury of connecting with in person throughout the year due to the distance that separates us. Conscious of how meaningful this is, I love creating cards to send that personally express our thoughts and wishes. And yes, I always include a picture (or a few!). Today it is super easy with the digital options out there.

My absolute favorite for personalized photo gifts is Forever, a company I discovered two years ago that has become my go-to for all photo storage, organization and gift giving needs! Forever offers simple and beautiful print projects, digital photo storage and organization, and even media conversion.

Have you inherited old slides or old photographs?

Do you regret that you are unable to play back your wedding video or children’s early years because they are trapped in old VHS tape, 8mm or some other obsolete format? Convert those to digital with Forever. Once files are in your account, Forever will even migrate them to new file formats as they emerge over time! How amazing is that? You’ll never have lost video again. Can I mention media conversion makes a great gift, too?

With all the concerns surrounding privacy issues among online sites, I have an even greater appreciation for the Forever guarantee that clients own their digital images in full resolution quality. They will not data mine, advertise or sell client information, and files are triple backed up! This offers huge peace of mind for storing, organizing and sharing photos. No more worries about computer or hard drive crashes.

In this time of snapping photos at an incredibly fast pace, I am grateful for finding simplicity in storing, organizing, enjoying, and sharing wonderful memories with my family and friends through Forever. In this Thanksgiving holiday month, what are you thankful for?

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