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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Probably once a quarter, I post a Day in the Life recap where I basically document my entire day. I love reading these on other blogs…why are other people’s lives so fascinating!!?? 🙂 I had to go Austin for a few days last week and stayed with my brother, Matthew, and his family in their guest house so this is the day I documented. Can I tell you something? I absolutely LOVE going to Austin and staying in their guest house. Especially when I am all by myself. It’s like I have my own apartment again and I get to do whatever I want to do. Remember those days? Before you were married and had kiddos–you just lived how you lived without it affecting anyone else. That’s what it feels like when I go to Austin and stay in the guest house by myself.

So here it is: January 23, 2020

I wake up usually between 4-5 because my brain works really well in the morning. I also love how it feels to be awake before everyone else. It’s like we are all home together, but I’m not needed anywhere nor am I being selfish for doing my thing. I mean, how can it be selfish to not play soccer with the boys right now at 4 AM? They aren’t even awake! So I get my coffee, and I sit down and write in my journal, and check a few things off my list.

I am IN LOVE with the coffee machine Brian gave me for Christmas. It’s a Gaggia Velasca and it makes THE BEST coffee. Plus it has a milk steamer and makes cappuccinos and espressos and hot water for tea or hot chocolate. It really is the neatest machine! Since I’m doing Whole30 I can’t have dairy, so I use Malk Cashew Milk to steam with my coffee. I have never ever ever ever liked milk. Not ever in my life. Even when I was a kid. I think it tastes like liquid fat. So I’m totally fine with any type of nut milk. I know it isn’t real milk. I don’t care. 

I sit down in my chair by the fire, and drink both coffee and water. My water cup is from May Designs. They personalize all these fun things like journals and coozies and water cups. I like they are based in Austin too–Yay Texas! This cup is 20 oz so I try to drink 3-4 cups/day. My favorite writing utensils are by Papermate. My mom turned me on to their mechanical pencils and then I found their colorful Flair pens in Medium. I keep a cup on the little table by my chair.

Brian was up about 5 and headed to the gym (I skipped) and then the boys were up at 6:45. Caleb loves to make me a second cup of coffee. He knows how to use the machine and even steams the milk too!

We make bacon every single morning at our house. Y’all we are bacon people. The bacon we love is either by Pederson’s or Applegate and both are Whole30 approved. We make it in the oven, and I use these giant food styling tweezers that Lorie gave me to flip the pieces. In our oven, we cook the bacon at 415 degrees. I put the bacon in a cold oven, and then turn it on. It cooks for about 10-ish minutes before I flip it (with the tweezers) and then about another 4-5. We LOVE bacon! I even have this sign that says “Bacon makes everything better” sitting by my stove. 

Every morning I like to read the boys a little passage of Jesus Calling for Kids. It’s just a quick Bible study written as though Jesus is speaking directly to you. It has a few verses that we look up and they take turns reading them.

James was out the door before I could take his picture before school, but I grabbed Caleb for a quick selfie. I wouldn’t see them for a few days since I was leaving for Austin so I made sure to tell them not to have too much fun with Dad and to be good and to brush their teeth.

Once the house was quiet I packed for Austin in the new suitcase Brian gave me for Christmas (TUMI)–y’all he did great with the Christmas gifts this year! One year he gave me a bag a tea lights. He’s come a long way.

I did a little work at the kitchen table.

Then I watered my beautiful olive trees that are spending the winter near the window in our garage.

And I wrapped up a present for my friend who is fighting a really awful form of ovarian cancer. Please pray for my friend Kellie. She has two boys that go to our school and is fighting this cancer like a warrior. But she and her family need our prayers!! God is big, y’all. This sign is from Birds & Words in Downtown McKinney. I bought 2 as gifts!

I got all my suitcases together….

Loaded up my car with a water and a fresh coffee…(that makes 3 on a Thursday morning. Yikes!) And headed to Austin after dropping off Kellie’s gift.

In the car I listened to 2 books on Audible. On the way there I listened to The Secret  by Rhonda Byrne which is a really old book, (2006, I think) but is very interesting. It’s about The Law of Attraction.  And then on the way home I listened to Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. I haven’t finished it yet, but love it so far! 

I stopped at Collin Street Bakery in Waco for a snack/potty break. Since I’m doing the Whole30 right now I couldn’t have any of their delicious baked goods. Speaking of, would you like to know more about Whole30? My endocrinologist actually prescribed it for me as  treatment a few years ago while we were trying to figure out some thyroid stuff, and I now Brian and I do it a several times a year. We love it! Let me know if you are curious to learn more and I can post about it. 

When I arrived in Austin my brother and sister-in-law were still working so I let myself into to the guest house. The Casita, as they call it. It is basically an apartment over their detached garage and is so cute! 

Here is my niece Larkin jumping on the trampoline below my window. She does every kind of flip you can imagine and is such a loving kiddo. When I’m in the Casita, I can hear the kids laughing below and it is the best sound. Next time we go James and Caleb will be with me to see their cousins!

The Casita has all this cool, funky art (see below) that Matt and Jen have picked up during their travels from various artists. A painting my sister did is hanging in there as well, but I didn’t get a pic of it. You can see it here though.

I sat on my bed and worked for several hours. Literally it was dark when I looked up. I wrote two articles that had been stressing me out, but finally got those done. Phew!


And then went in the main house and greeted Matthew, Jen, and my nieces. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner called Gusto and completely forgot to take a picture of us there and of my food: roasted chicken with sautéed greens. Very good! So when we got back, we took this group shot in the living room. Is Layne (lower left) not a replica of my brother? I think they look exactly alike! Also, my nephew dog is named Chuy. 

And that was my Thursday. 

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