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Dating Advice From an Expert Matchmaker

Dating has been revolutionized by Amber Kelleher Andrews. A true romantic with a passion for people, Amber Kelleher – Andrews lives her dream job in business, as CEO of the leading international matchmaking company, Kelleher international. Under Amber’s direction, Kelleher International is today the leading authority in a hot dating market and is responsible for hundreds of happy marriages, with 87 percent of their customers ending up in marriage or long term relationships.

Dating is no longer just about casual encounters or night parties. It has now become a serious profession for Amber Kelleher, CEO and founder of Kelleher dating service. She has been personally involved with dating since she was 18 years old and was involved in the dating scene until she met her husband. After four decades of dating, she finally decided to pursue her passion and become an entrepreneur and found success in her new venture. She is now one of the top dating executives in the world.

In the past, Amber had been chief executive of singles magazine called “The Singles Club”. Kelleher’s expertise in marketing and managing singles clubs made her one of the most successful executives in singles dating. In her position, she had managed to attract thousands of singles to her singles club successfully. This experience made her a proven expert on dating and on what attracts and retains singles in various walks of life.

In her book “Swinging singles: How to matchmaking sparkle”, Amber also gives some dating advice on how to find and develop ideal matchmaking match for yourself and/or your dating partners. She shares her dating expertise on how to identify your ideal partner, develop an ideal dating relationship, build a dating network, develop a lasting friendship and keep it strong over the years. Moreover, she also shares some dating tips that can help you be the best dating partner. The advice includes:

Kelleher is also the co-founder of the company called Kelleher Dating Inc., which is an online dating portal for those desirous of finding the perfect match for themselves. As an expert matchmaking consultant, she gives valuable advice on developing and maintaining a long term relationship. She also guides singles on how to go about building a long lasting relationship through matchmaking services. She also talks about how to be a good dating partner.

Amber was also one of the cofounders of the celebrity matchmaking service known as The Singles Club. This dating site is now used by over 5 million singles worldwide. If you are serious about meeting someone special, and are looking for a dating partner, then you should definitely take a look at this resourceful site that offers a variety of services to suit all personality types. Its popularity can be largely attributed to the success of its founder, Amber Kelleher-Andrews. Check out her site today!

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