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From the desk of Deanne Paul, Ambassador for FOREVER®

Though Mother’s Day began in the post-Civil War era of the late 1800’s and quickly became a recognized holiday by 1908, setting aside a day to honor fathers had a much slower reception! In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially approved the resolution to honor mothers the 2nd Sunday of each May, but it was not until 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed Father’s Day into law as a national holiday!

We may have been slower as a society to celebrate Father’s Day, but there is no shortage of research available to support how pivotal dads are in the healthy development of their children. So, this month we honor the awesome dads who are in the trenches today and the ones who have slid into the quieter, gentler “grandpa” role sharing their wisdom and love with the next generation.

Let’s be real, though. It is not only dads we honor…. There are many male role models out there from husbands, brothers and uncles to teachers, mentors and coaches who bring their unique gifts of manliness into the world. We are grateful for their wisdom, integrity and character.

How can we show these incredible men how important they are? While I love giving meaningful or unique gifts whenever possible, I’ll admit, sometimes the men in our lives can be the most challenging when it comes to finding a gift they’ll appreciate as much as we appreciate them! If you’re still on the hunt, here are some ideas for consideration.

Spotted first at Ambrosia in downtown McKinney, this is perfect to give to your husband or to any special man you’d like to honor on Father’s Day (or any day for that matter!)

I Wrote A Book About You


If Ambrosia is sold out you can find it at Amazon.

Here is the dad version:

Along the lines of personalized gifts, I am in love with the subway style canvas wall art available through Forever Print. Simply drop in a favorite photo and create a treasured gift!

Man Crates is another favorite “go to” website I discovered a few years ago. You’ll find a plethora of themed gift assortments, from food to DIY kits. I knew the presentation of a gift arriving in a sealed wooden crate complete with an etched crowbar to open it, would be a hit. My only regret was not being there to watch the recipient pry it open!

No matter how you choose to express your heartfelt gratitude to the men you’ll celebrate this Father’s Day, remember the words of God long before this June date was written on our calendars.

Honor your father and mother that your days may be long in the land which the LORD your God gives you. -Exodus 20:12

Along with the tangible gifts that will be opened, here are three additional gifts of no cost, but of great value.

PRAY for him. Yes, men may appear strong, confident and independent, but they need prayers, too. Don’t we all? Enough said.

Give him RESPECT. Dads have fears and doubts, too. As moms we can appreciate what dads do, even (maybe especially) when it’s not how we would do it! When our own dad is aging, honor his dignity especially when he can no longer do or remember the things we think (or wish) he still could.

Finally, give him your FORGIVENESS. Only our heavenly Father is perfect, so as much as our own fathers may give us a glimpse of the pure love of God, they will at times fall short. When this happens, look at it as an opportunity to extend mercy in your heart.

To all the men out there doing their best to exemplify love, patience, faithfulness and service, we encourage you in this mighty task!

Happy Father’s Day!

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