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Over the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of Craigslist Women Seeking Men in Saint Louis, but I’ve always wondered if there was any connection between the two online. I live in Chicago, where they have a similar dating service for men, called Craigslist. Now, in Saint Louis, I have seen a lot of profiles of women seeking men, and even a few of them seem to be seeking a relationship. The ads themselves are really interesting.

Over the last year or so, I’ve read craigslist ads, both from people in Saint Louis and those from outside the state, and the responses have been pretty consistent: people are looking for some serious relationships and serious dating. Just like Craigslist, there’s a section dedicated to local ad postings and all sorts of dating-related subjects. Most of the posts are from either native or foreign speakers, with the number of women seeking men in Saint Louis running about thirty-five to forty-five at any given time. Interestingly enough, I’ve also noticed a trend in the language used in these ads. A lot of the posts have come from people who speak either English or Spanish, and the language itself isn’t too different from what you’d expect from an American city.

To make matters worse, this post dec claimed that anyone who posts a craigslist dating profile is a sexual offender! Now, I’m not saying the people who post on craigslist are sexual offenders, I’m just stating that if you’re reading a dating ad then you need to make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger. I’m also wondering why the national media has jumped on this issue and joined the fray. If these sites can help people find love and dates then it makes sense for them to police their own business to protect themselves and their families?

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Women seeking older men

for romance, sexual intimacy and marriage are using the Internet to expand their social and romantic circles.

A growing number of women (and some men) are entering into ‘May-December relationships’ – referring to an age gap between partners where one individual is at least 12 years older than their mate. These relationships can be fulfilling for all involved, but they often come with added challenges.

*The article is based on the book ‘Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance’ by Felicia Brings. The article goes on to list some statistics about women with younger men, such as:

– About 94 percent of college students say they know someone in an “M/Y” relationship – a number that grew from 80 percent in 1990, according to John B. Jemmott III, associate professor of behavioral and community health at the University of Pennsylvania.

Rich men seeking women

increasingly using paid dating sites to find “sugar babies”. The women on these sites are looking for someone to take care of them in return for sex, companionship, or sometimes just conversation.

Time Magazine recently featured a story about the rise of Seeking, one of the leading sugar baby hallmarked websites. The company brags that it provides a gateway to the rich for beautiful young women. A new clientele of “sugar babies” are also starting to appear on Craigslist; women who are posting personal ads in order to find long-term relationships with generous benefactors.

Seeking Arrangement reports 800,000 new members since January – 20 percent of them women who are looking for a sugar daddy. The average age for this demographic is 21.

According to one California college student, “I’m just tired of struggling all the time. I have loans up to my neck, so I figured why not?” This young woman has been using the dating site Sugar Daddy Meet since she graduated high school. She’s had two successful relationships and claims that her sugar daddies have always been very generous. Some of them even paid for things like summer camps and college tuition.

However, not all young women are as open-minded about the concept: “It’s repulsive and makes me angry,” says one recent college graduate who’s still looking for her first job. “I worked hard to get where I am, and I don’t need some older guy helping me out.”

Neither Seeking Arrangement nor Craigslist immediately responded to requests for comment. But the company has previously said that its site provides a social outlet for men who wouldn’t otherwise have time to date because they are too busy working.

“Through our matchmaking, thousands of men who are seeking a sugar momma are able to find an educated beautiful woman that can help advance their careers,” its website reads.

The site’s owner also noted earlier this year that some women have used the service as a way to “secretly satisfy their needs and desires” without their friends and family knowing.

“We make no assumptions, we simply provide a great outlet for like-minded adults to connect,” the website reads. [ARTICLE END]

I almost threw up when I read this story. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE; REAL WOMEN WHO ARE FALLING PREY TO THESE “ELITIST” MEN. Did you read that? This 21-year-old woman is chasing after guys with money because she’s tired of struggling. Come on, young ladies! What are we doing to ourselves? I know there are females who would drop me like a bad habit if my pockets weren’t deep enough, but WHY?!

Older men seeking women

A man calling himself “David” has revealed how he’s used online dating sites to have sex with at least 20 women he met over 40 years younger than him – in their early 20s.

And in return, David claims these women receive lavish gifts and pocket money


Women seeking younger men

I’m from Ohio but I have been stationed at Fort Riley Kansas. They call me Abigail the little sister of Abigail but any of the names actually work. I love talking and making jokes. I like cheering and doing exercises. I’m from the army & I love it. I have a unique outgoing personality and I am unstoppable.

Men seeking older women

He is 6 feet tall and 665 pounds. I like Rock mostly classic, and like Nickleback three doors away. I am just an open honest guy and I’m looking at something similar in a lady. My name is John R. Jones retired from the Army Reserve Air Force and I live in Maryland.

Older women seeking men

Not much to say for sure. Is there anything you haven’t listened to before? I am just being honest – I get in trouble sometimes. I prefer male friends more than female friends because most females I know are catty and overexcited.

White women seeking black men

I like having love relations to love and to have communication, to respect each other, and to respect their relationship spaces if their likes or dislikes are similar… I want to be close with people.

White men seeking black women

I’m a high school Nerva and like ale my girlfriend and his wife. I prepare dishes washing my clothes.


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Men seeking women of plus size

I think I am really a good guy as long as I feel peaceful. I’m skilled and so on. just one thing I know myself is that I’m an efficient person. I’m pretty smart. I believe I have a nice personality.

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