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One of the biggest and most appreciated surprises that has come from my blogging experience has been getting to know and work with a talented community of photographers. Patrizia does most of the pictures for The Art of Living Beautifully. Emily is giving me photography lessons in exchange for personal styling–you can read about our first lesson here. And Corrie filled in for Patrizia while she was on holiday in Italy over the Summer…but Corrie and I actually worked together in June on a photoshoot which is what I’m going to tell you about today.

Most photographers have a certain niche where they primarily focus their energy, ie: newborns, families, headshots, real estate etc…Corrie’s passion is senior portraits. She planned a ‘Senior Spokesmodel Shoot’ which is basically a shoot scheduled to obtain images for the photographer’s own use as a way to showcase their work. Kiss and Makeup Boutique on the downtown square provided the clothes and did makeup for the event. Several hairstylists were called in for duty. And I was brought on as the Stylist.

It was my job to create cohesive, age appropriate looks using clothing from Kiss and Makeup and jewelry from  Stella and Dot (of course!)…which at times wasn’t particularly simple, as the store and the jewelry line have very different aesthetics. We managed to pull together a kind of Shabby Cowgirl Glam which turned out really darling!

Corrie is an all time pro. It was a thousand degrees that day and she photographed for 7 hours! She gives direction without taking away from the natural inclinations of her subjects that make them so unique and special. She is honest and knowledgeable and very talented in her craft. Whether you have a senior that needs portraits this year or are searching for a photographer for your Christmas card, I hope you’ll call Corrie. She is a gem! A very talented gem!



-ciao for now-


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