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Container gardens are one of the fastest growing segments of gardening. Whether you’re working with limited space or looking for ways to add more interest to your landscape, container gardens add an instant landscaped look and provide seasonal color and variety in the garden. Once you know the size of your container and the light available at the location where the container will be placed, make a template of the inside diameter of the container.   

When you’re at the nursery, read plant tags and choose plants that meet the available light conditions. Group plants on the template so that the space is completely filled (for a lush look, containers should be planted so that the root balls of the plants almost touch).  Consider the bloom colors so that the plants will complement the container and the neighboring plants. Bold plants like zonal geraniums look beautiful with a pot filled with just these plants.  When using a combination of plants, think thriller, filler and spiller.   

 What’s a thriller, filler and spiller?  Want to know more about choosing plants and how to care for container gardens?  Check out my blog at 

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