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My family moved to a new home in the Summer which means I could really get inspired to try new things when decorating the house for Christmas this year. If you follow me on Pinterest, you have seen my Woodland Christmas Tablescape Pinboard. Woodlands, forests, pinecones, anything to do with nature have been my inspiration throughout the holidays–probably brought on to our trip to Oregon in November. My goal for my Woodland Christmas Tablescape was to create a sophisticated but whimsical setting with soft colors without seeming washed out. My source of inspiration were two deer head candelabras Sadie gave me several years ago for Christmas. Tying them in with the Christmas dishes was no problem when using forest green taper candles. Here is the finished product.

Because the deer head candelabras are so dramatic, I decided to keep the centerpiece relatively simple. A green Christmas tree candle sat on top of a pine cone wreath I bought at Pier 1. Silver pinecone candles lined the natural linen table runner, and to continue with the  “woodsy” feel, I used my woven twig chargers I bought from Patina Green. If you don’t have some natural chargers similar to this, I would invest in a set. I use them often, and find these chargers to be very versatile. Click here to see how I used them at Thanksgiving.

Forest green served as the primary accent color, as the red in my dishes is not a bright one and can be difficult to match. When I was married, I decided not to register for Christmas china. I love my white Waterford china so much I assumed I would always want to use it, and bought red accent salad plates for during the holidays. Well, that changed a few years ago when I saw these Pink Christmas dishes by Johnson Brothers and now use these every December. They can go in the dishwasher!!

Someway somehow I found napkins at Pier 1 years ago–they are red on one side and green on the other–and I use them EVERY Christmas. The small peek of red from within the folded napkin adds bright little color contrasts throughout the table. The deer head place card holders came form a store near Canton. These, along with the candelabras, can be used all fall and winter. I actually made the place cards which is very simple when you have a little puncher that makes Christmas trees and circles.

When entertaining, I like to have a designated drink station near the table for extra cocktails, napkins and water.

If you do as much entertaining as I do, one table probably won’t cut it. I sat the other two tables below on a whim to show some other ideas.

For this table, I knew I wanted to use two sets of candle sticks with gold pillar candles. I lined the various heights and styles the length of the table, and then wove gold, glittery garland around their bases. I bought these pear and apple ornaments several years ago, but don’t use them on my tree anymore. Why not repurpose them as part of your centerpiece?! I also hung a few of them from our chandelier along with some hanging votives…if you chose to do this, please use fishing line unlike me who had none for the picture. It will look SSSOOO much better!!! Aesthetics, you know.

I also included the gold mirrored stars we found in Mexico several years ago. I somehow feel a since of pride when I find a way to incorporate something random from around the house in one of my tablescapes. Like I want to say, “See Brian! I told you we needed those stars with mirrors on them!!!” Add some tiny votives at different heights, and you will have a beautiful centerpiece!

For the place setting, I used chargers I found at Tuesday Morning. I only bought five of them–why such a random number I have no clue–but Sadie bought six, so we can share if needed. The gold chargers paired with my white china coordinates beautifully with the centerpiece.

These Christmas ornament place card holders are from the $1 aisle at Michael’s!! They come in sets of 2. I used my Christmas tree puncher to make the place card out of wrapping paper.

Need a tablescape that’s a little more casual and kid friendly. This is truly the easiest one. Grab a Christmas table runner or cloth, and some random Christmas decorations. This could include your kid’s personal Christmas trees, the Elf on the Shelf, a birdhouse, the Grinch, and/or one of your thousand snowmen. Now put it all in the center of the table. Done.

If setting a table for kiddos, a candy or sweet element will always be appreciated. A mason jar full of candy canes or even a full Christmas cookie jar will serve as inspiration to finish their dinners. I didn’t buy enough of this Christmas candy garland to use on the tree, but it makes a colorful addition to the centerpiece, doesn’t it? I do love candles on my tables, but if kids are around just use the little flameless tea lights. I used vinyl, cork-backed placemats–which can easily be sprayed and wiped down–and some Christmas plates that aren’t as fragile as my china ones. A Christmas thermos WITH A LID is key. So are paper napkins. 🙂


So those are a few of my tables so far this Christmas. Good luck while setting your tables this weekend, and if you snap a pick, I would love to see them on Instagram tagged #TAOLBChristmas. You can also find me on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

-ciao for now-






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