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Hello McKinney! I’m excited to share with you about an event that actually took me out of McKinney last Friday afternoon, but first a little history lesson…

After graduating college in 2004, my very first job was working for Nordstrom. Although I no longer work for the company, my first department manager and I have stayed in touch over the years and I am so proud to tell you she is now is the store manager of Nordstrom NorthPark…which happens to be my favorite store in all of Dallas.

 Vanessa called to invite me to the beauty trend show happening at Nordstrom last weekend so I could relay to all of you about one of their featured cosmetic lines, Charlotte Tilbury. (I’m not sure if you know this, but Nordstrom absolutely LOVES McKinney and is so happy to serve our citizens anytime we venture out of the suburbs and into the big city.)

Well friends, once I tell you about this incredible line of cosmetics, you will definitely want to head to Nordstrom NorthPark to pick some of these products up for yourself.

Charlotte Tilbury launched her cosmetic line in 2013 after a long career working as a makeup artist with some of the world’s most recognizable names, brands, models and photographers. She trained at the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London where she was born, but grew up in Bohemian Ibiza, surrounded by creatives of all kinds. Charlotte believes in red-carpet skincare and makeup that is Easy to choose. Easy to use. Easy to gift. 

Here are a few of my favorite products:

 Instant Magic Face Dry Sheet Mask


Charlotte_Tilbury_Nordstrom_Dallas  Charlotte_Tilbury_Nordstrom_Dallas

Y’all this mask was hysterical but INCREDIBLE! It is a dry mask and loops over your ears to stay in place. Don’t I look a little bit like Jason? Once on, massage the outside of the mask in order to activate the ingredients (peptides, floral extracts, vitamins and butters) and leave on for about 15 minutes. You should have seen me with it on sitting in a makeup chair with hundreds of shoppers passing by me. The good news: I could tell a difference in my skin as soon as they took it off? The mask hydrates, lifts, reduces wrinkles, smoothes and brightens. Each mask can be used up to 3 times.

 Instant Look in a Palette Beauty Glow


Who doesn’t love a palette!? This limited edition Beauty Glow palette includes: Eye Brighten (for brightening), Eye Enhance (adds dimension), Eye Smoke (to create a smokey eye), Face Bronzer, Cheek Swish and Cheek Pop (2 blushes), as well as a Face Highlighter.  The rose gold tones are beautiful for fall and create lovely natural but stunning look. I used the Rock and Kohl: Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil | Barbarella Brown  to line the inside of my eyelids which really made my green eyes pop. The pencil is so soft and stayed on until I washed my makeup off hours later. Right now, this is hands down my favorite eye liner pencil.
The highlighter and contour wands from Charlotte Tilbury are easy to use and create beautiful dimension without looking overly contoured. The product is light and simple to apply. I especially enjoyed using the Complexion Brush to blend and avoid using excess product.



The K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury are long lasting and protect against UV damage. Although I typically wear bright lipsticks I loved choosing this nude color. Prior to applying the lipstick, we filled my entire lip in with the the Lip Cheat lipliner in PillowTalk.

My time in the makeup chair was over all too soon, but I love the new look we created and the products I took home.




Forgive the parking garage car selfie…

I hope all of you will head over to Nordstrom NorthPark or to their website and learn more about Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics. It is a beautiful, luxurious line of makeup and I know you will be thrilled with everything you try.


Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. 

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