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How often are books published that have the potential to actually change the lives of the people who read them? Of some 1 million books that launch in this country each year, how many publishers finish reading a manuscript, slap the back cover closed with excited finality, and then sit in stunned silence as the magnitude of its life-changing probability permeates the air? Not often, I imagine.

Last month, I had the unique opportunity to read the unpublished manuscript, Awaken Sleeping Beauty. I met with the author – third generation Texan and long-time McKinney resident, Judy Pogue – and felt intrigued by the story she told me that led her to write a book with a serious theme and a fairy-tale name. It took me only a day or two to read all 12 chapters; when I slapped the back cover closed with excited finality, I knew my life was forever changed.

The idea for Awaken Sleeping Beauty came to Judy a little over five years ago. As she backed out of her driveway and drove to a luncheon for women involved in international mission work, Judy felt the voice of God say inside her soul, Judy, I am going to use you to help wake up the sleeping beauties of the world.

Unsure of the meaning behind those prophetic words, Judy began researching the story of Sleeping Beauty, and found the original version (written in the 1400s in France). As she read the original story, she began to understand the Lord’s words. In the earliest version, Sleeping Beauty was put under a curse that caused her to sleep for one hundred years…as well as her entire family, everyone in the castle, and everyone in the kingdom. The curse affected them all.

It struck a chord in my heart. When the women of this world – the mothers, the wives, the caregivers, the homemakers – fall asleep, so also do their families. And that is what was happening from continent to continent, country to country – the women of our time are content to get through their days almost as if they were in a sleep-like state.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -excerpt, Awaken Sleeping Beauty

In Awaken Sleeping Beauty, Judy remembers her own experience as a mother with three young boys and likens it to the fairy tale. As she struggled through those long days alone, void of counsel from God, she wasn’t thriving, and neither was her family. . Without asking the Lord to plan her days, anoint her words, and pray scripture over her family, how could she fulfill God’s destiny for her life?

The best part of Awaken Sleeping Beauty is that Judy doesn’t make us feel horrible for letting ourselves fall asleep on the many jobs we often have. Instead, she shows us how wonderfully significant we are to God, and how HUGE all our lives are meant to be. Do you understand this? You have a very grand life awaiting you! It is meant to be full of joy and blessings and wisdom and love. But we will never reach that destiny if we are asleep. God can and will awaken us. We are His greatest passion. He created the master plan, the blueprint for our lives – complete with passage ways, wiring, strong parts, and even weaknesses that He can make strong. He sees it all. We were not made to survive without Him. Wake up, take the hand of our Holy Counselor, and make it a habit to navigate your day with Christ.

Friends, as women, our role on this planet is VITAL. We are the wives, the mothers, the caregivers, the daughters, the friends, and the bosses. Our voices impact so many. Our actions affect everyone. If we are to be the instruments God desires us to be, we must wake up to what is TRUTH and to the elements that TRULY MATTER.

I was so moved by this book that I purchased a copy for myself and 10 more to give away. I highly encourage you to do the same. Are you ready for your life to change, friend? If you are, click here and make it happen.

On February 24th, Sharla’s Boutique is hosting a book signing for Awaken Sleeping Beauty. I hope you will stop by, meet our sweet Judy and wake up to the big life that awaits you!

*to learn more about Awaken Sleeping Beauty, visit and Like her Facebook page Awaken with Judy Pogue.







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