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Good Morning McKinney!

With the 4th of July and McKinney’s first annual Star-Spangled Salsa Fest only 2 days away, I thought today would be the perfect day to introduce you to local foodies and salsa aficionados David and Michele Bernard, owners of Bernard’s Gourmet Foods. Friends, after reading about the Bernards and hearing me sing the praises of them personally and professionally, I hope each and every one of you will visit them at the McKinney Farmers Market and see what all the fuss is about! They truly have created my most very favorite salsa on the planet: Tomatillo y Poblano! My family goes through about a jar a week and one of their giant bags of locally sourced tortilla chips every two weeks. The Palmers cannot get enough of Bernard’s Gourmet Foods!

One of my favorite parts of this job is learning the background of people I interview: where they were born, what brought them to McKinney, how long they have been here etc. Can I tell you it is a very rare thing to meet locals that not only grew up in McKinney, but whose family has lived here for 6 generations? Michele grew-up working in the grocery business at Ford’s Grocery & Deli, which was founded by her great-grandfather and remained in business well into the 80s. David’s family moved to McKinney when he was 6. The couple met in 2nd grade and even became next door neighbors in junior high! They reconnected years after graduating from high school and later married in 2001. Is that not the sweetest McKinney love story?

Bernard’s Gourmet Food began with David’s passion for great tasting food. He made his first batch of salsa 30 years ago as a work break snack, and as you can imagine, it wasn’t long before his co-workers were requesting a bite! Bernard’s Gourmet Foods was officially founded in 2016 and includes an award-winning line of all-natural gourmet roasted salsas, hot sauces and condiments that are gluten-free and contain no added sugar!


Star-Spangled Salsa Fest

After hearing about the Bernards and their passion for delicious food, you won’t be surprised to hear that David and Michele truly believe it is there calling to nourish others in every way they can. They support many local hunger initiatives: David has served as one of the featured chefs at Empty Bowls since 2015. The Bernards have been instrumental in creating McKinney’s first annual Star-Spangled Salsa Fest and of course will be in attendance on Wednesday! Please join us as we raise money for The Community Garden Kitchen at Chestnut Square Historic Village (315 S. Chestnut Street). You can enjoy culinary demonstrations, live entertainment, a family fun zone and of course plenty of salsa to taste! Tickets are $10/person. Children 12 years old and under are free. All proceeds collected from this spicy food festival including festival related donations from the public will benefit the Community Garden Kitchen of Collin County. 

Friends, the next time you even consider purchasing a jar of Pace Picante sauce at the grocery store, do your taste buds a favor and DON’T! Bernard’s gourmet salsas are created right here in McKinney and happen to be absolutely delicious! You can find them on Facebook and their website.

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