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Mckinney Beauty

Meet Holistic Pharmacist: Liz James

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning McKinney! Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Liz James. Liz is a Holistic Pharmacist—yes, you heard me correctly, a Holistic Pharmacist. What does this mean? It means she works as a pharmacist while also advocating...

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Kathy Todryk part 3

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning McKinney! Friends, we are eleven days into 2019 and I’m sure there are more than a few of you who have made it your goal to get healthy this year. Today I want to encourage you not to do this journey on your own. Local...

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Sharla’s Skincare

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning McKinney! Over the years you have heard me speak often of my friend and mentor Sharla Bush, owner of Sharla’s Boutique on the downtown McKinney square. Many of you have shopped at her luxury apothecary and gift store which...

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Health Coach Kathy Todryk part 2

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Last week I introduced you to Kathy Todryk, Health Coach for Optavia. We learned how this former yo-yo dieter – after witnessing her husband’s transformation through Optavia – has taken the opportunity to help others while serving the...

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Meet Kathy Todryk with Optavia

From the desk of Lauren Palmer   Each year when fall arrives and my Littles are back in the classroom, I like to look at the new school year as a January 1st, Take 2. With lax summer days behind me (no longer able to interfere with goal-setting), this is the perfect...

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Sharla Bush Candles

Today I am so excited to share some wonderful news about one of our very own McKinney business owners, Sharla Bush. In case it has been a bit since you have visited her exquisite store on the downtown McKinney square, you will be so happy to learn that Sharla's is now...

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Float Therapy

Float Therapy.... 🌊😊 Float-what? What does it feel like to float inside a pod or tank with about 10 inches of warm water (approximately 93°F) and over 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)? Not only does it feel simply amazing, it also happens to be one of...

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March Madness Continues: Holistic Vita

Good morning McKinney and happy Monday to you! Today March Madness continues and I know you are going to be so excited to hear that today's giveaway is with Holistic Vita Massage & Wellness. I introduced you to Holistic Vita back in August and most recently...

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Holistic Vita: Cupping Therapy

Good morning and Happy Monday to you! Several months ago I introduced you to Linda Cole, owner of Holistic Vita Massage and Wellness. You can review that article by clicking here. In case you have forgotten, below is a list of Linda's credentials: Licensed Massage...

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Salon 205

  There is nothing like the relaxing treat of a manicure and pedicure, and when I pamper myself, the experience would not be complete without the personal connections made at an “old-timey” salon. I am so thankful for Salon 205, commonly likened to Truvy’s Beauty Spot...

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