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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning McKinney and welcome to November. Today my message is short and sweet. I would like for you to kick off this month having a grateful heart with me. Thanksgiving approaches, and with it can often come chaos and stress. Before that encroaches on such a lovely time of year, let’s stop and feel grateful for so many of our blessings.

God loves to bless us. Literally, he wants to shower us with goodness and blessings. If we take a moment to look around ourselves His blessings are so apparent! If you wish you saw more blessings around you, try praying Psalm 5:12 every day!

If you feel comfortable, leave what you are grateful for in the comments. I’ll start us off. I am grateful for:

Brian and our boys, our home, hot soup on chilly days, lovely girlfriends, playing magazine publisher, the ability to think and write, the USA!!!!–we aren’t perfect but I sure do love us!, Frito chili pie, Robert Craig Affinity, bacon, vacations, fires in the fireplace, when jeans are a little too big, and fresh haircuts…to name a few!

Have a very thankful November!

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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