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Bar Bombon – What You Can Expect From This Southern California Restaurant

Bar Bombon originated in Juneau, Alaska. It’s a street food/brewpub that serves up inventive and healthy drinks inspired by Latin and local flavors (and even some of your favorite international brands). This month, I met up with Bar Bombon to try the new place, as well as check out some of their other offerings. Below is an overview of our conversation, and my personal rating system of bar food/brewpubs.

I ordered the original Bar Bombon taco (which also serves up some interesting entrees) and was presented with some very nice pre-made tortillas, which were nicely done and not soggy. It looks like they have grown the already-popular tortilla chip business into a full service restaurant, which has naturally increased their menu options. The bar food menu boasts several choices, but the standout dish appears to be the handmade corn tortilla cake, which is topped with shredded cheddar and mayonnaise. This was delicious and probably will be a staple entree for us if we are ever in downtown Santa Monica again!

After our first encounter, I decided to give Bar Bombon another try, this time at the tapas bar. This place offers a variety of pre-made bar foods, which makes it a good place to enjoy a meal while having drinks with friends. What I love about tapas – or “stew” – is that it can be paired with almost any kind of beverage, whether it’s fresh lemonade ginger ale, or a hard spirits cocktail. This makes it a great place for a date or a night out with friends. Here’s what we had for our second visit:

As for the food, I ordered the previously mentioned burritos (which were excellent), as well as the nachos and corn on the cob sandwich. While I enjoyed the food, my dining companion and I had to ask the waitress if we could have some of the vegetarian food – such as tempeh and tofu – that’s usually offered as an option. She told us that they do offer vegetarian meals, but they are actually not that common. However, it wasn’t until we were the last two standing that the manager came over and asked us if we wanted to try the vegetarian selections that she noticed.

Bar Bombon serves both the traditional bombon, which is filled with beef, sausage, and chicken, as well as the more popular version, which are made with vegetarian ingredients such as tempeh, tofu, and cheese. We were delighted with our second experience at Bar Bombon, and even though our vegetarian friends had a difficult time trying to eat some of the meat-filled sandwiches, they still seemed pleased overall. Overall, Bar Bombon really captures the full essence of southern California – as well as the quality and variety of the food. It might even be a good idea for those who aren’t quite so devoted to the meat-and-potatoes theme to check out this restaurant for a little taste of something else.

Bar Bombon has a simple, clean-cut design that makes it feel more like a hole in the wall than a restaurant. While that may be its greatest virtue, there is plenty of seating available, and if you’re planning to have a big party and want to accommodate a lot of people, you’ll likely find yourself leaving the establishment sooner than later. There are ample parking spaces outside, as well as tables and chairs inside for your convenience. This is one of those places that will leave you craving another visit, and with delicious food and great prices, it’s no wonder that it has become one of the most popular bars in Orange County.

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