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Happy August everyone! How is it that Summer is already coming to a close? I have NEVER been as disheveled as I have been this Summer…probably because I’ve never tried to work several jobs while staying at home with my kids. It didn’t help that because things were so busy, I never took the time to register for camp(s) either. Yowza!

Anyway, it has been a long and busy and eventful Summer at the Palmer house, but it was certainly full of beautiful times and reminders of Faith. I want to start off this month’s newsletter with a verse.


About a year and a half ago when I began brainstorming about TAOLB, the Lord lead me to this verse, which I must confide in you was a very big encouragement. A desire to enter a world I knew nothing about, and making decisions in what can feel like a lonely vacuum of one was incredibly daunting. I remember waking up in the night and thinking to myself, What on earth are you doing, Lauren?

Stepping into the unknown can be so scary. Making that step and hearing nothing but silence can lead to doubt. And paving a new way–that at times can feel as though is leading nowhere–can most certainly cause remorse. This simple verse from Job has been such a crutch for me at times when I allow negative thoughts to infiltrate my senses. I have it written on an index card and taped to a shelf on my desk where I can see it whenever I need a little encouragement from the Lord. If there is a path you are unsure about taking, or are facing a scary decision, I will encourage you to pray this verse from Job several times throughout the day and see where you are in a few weeks. It is amazing what an enchanting direction our lives can take when we allow the Lord to take over.

This month I have three delicious recipes for you:

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a little preview of my Cherry Peach Gallette:

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If you find yourself too hot to even eat, you will want to stay tuned for my Chilled Cucumber Soup:

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and if you aren’t ashamed to admit you are an adult and still love Ramen, you will definitely want to try my upgraded version of our favorite $.50 noodle pack!

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Lets also get excited about transitioning into a more “Fall-feeling” wardrobe. No scarves and tall boots yet, but we can begin steering our wardrobes away from swimsuit cover-ups and flip-flops with Fall colors and few fantastic accessories!

Now I don’t want you to think I’m about 3 years late to the prom when I say this to you, but this month’s Style Wheel big deal is a ROMPER! I’m serious! Rompers are the perfect transition piece from Summer to Fall.

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They are cool and easy to run around in, but can quickly be transformed into a posh little ensemble for Date Night…or more likely…Meet-the-Teacher night!

-ciao for now-


photo credit: Corrie Barto

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