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Tricia Scruggs, owner of the We Ate Well Food Tours

A girls’ trip to the Caribbean in mid-2011 is the last place Chicago-native Tricia Scruggs imagined she would discover a new passion and her dream career. Nor could she have known it would be seven years before that dream would become a reality…and in McKinney, Texas no less!

“I fell in love with McKinney the moment I got here,” Tricia told me as we sat in a back corner of Patina Green on one of those bone-chillingly cold afternoons in January. Despite the frigid temperature outside, the atmosphere at our table was warm and cozy. With its peculiar vintage relics and a flavorful bouquet wafting from the kitchen, Patina Green was the perfect setting for a discussion with a kind-hearted McKinney transplant about two of my favorite topics: food and McKinney, Texas.

Tricia Scruggs has a warm presence which, much like our tangy tomato soup, was full of comfort and authenticity. As we sipped, Tricia told me of her journey from Chicago to McKinney and how she began her own career in May 2004 as a journalist at the McKinney Courier Gazette. Two years later, a new job and new house triggered a move from McKinney, but a fondness for our North Texas city-village remained in Tricia’s heart. She returned 4 years later, happier than ever to be back and raise her family here.

A year later, while in the Caribbean on a girls’ trip, Tricia and a girlfriend decided to take a food tour through the local town. On the tour, they visited a piano bar and had such a memorable time they decided to go back again before they left. Tricia fell in love with the concept of food tours and noted how much the experience had bettered her vacation: “I felt so much more connected with the community I was visiting…and I wanted this kind of tour experience for McKinney.” The reminder of her six-month-old baby at home told Tricia it wasn’t the right time to launch a business, but a tiny, tasty seed of intrigue had been planted in her brain. Now, seven years later, we are so blessed to be able to watch that seed bloom!

On March 9, 2018, We Ate Well Food Tours will embark on their inaugural tour – “Taste and See McKinney” – where Tricia will share the delicious flavors and rich history of McKinney, one bite, one block at a time. The tour itself will last two-and-a-half to three hours and will be less than 2 miles of walking. As of press date, the “Taste and See McKinney” tour partners are: Cadillac Pizza, Ettiene Market, Filtered Coffee, Landon Winery, Patina Green Home & Market, Spoons Cafe, Fair & Square Imports.

Learn more about The We Ate Well Food Tours by visiting their website:


This article was originally published in Spring 2018 edition of TAOLB Magazine

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