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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning my friends!

Today I’m excited to announce that it is finally time for the sneak peek of Artists and Chefs! Remember back in January when I told you about this event featuring local artists and chefs at Gather in downtown McKinney? When film and television producer Scott Browning visited McKinney last year, he knew he had found the setting for his tv brainchild, A Night of Artists and Chefs. Scott connected with local artists and chefs¬† to assemble a “cast”¬† that each brought something special to the show, literally.

The event was held at Gather in late January. Guests entered Gather which had been transformed into an “art cocoon” and dined on the beautiful delicacies created by the all-star chefs. Art was available for purchase, and Scott was there filming the entire event.

A pre-screening of A Night of Artists and Chefs will take place on Sunday, September 15 at 4:00 PM at MPAC. These tickets are FREE and seating is limited, so check your calendar, and if you are able to make it head over to Facebook or Eventbrite to reserve your spots today. Friends, I cannot tell you what I fun project this was to work on. Scott asked me to act as your McKinney guide throughout the show, and I loved filming around downtown McKinney with him. Come join us as we celebrate the show filmed and honoring the artists in chefs in McKinney!

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