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Mckinney Art

The Pilgrim’s Progress

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good Morning McKinney! Did you know that a local animation production company (BASED RIGHT HERE IN MCKINNEY) called Herald Entertainment is releasing an animated film, The Pilgrim's Progress, in 800 theaters nationwide in April 2019? ...

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A Night of Artists and Chefs

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning McKinney! Today I am thrilled to share a once-in-a-lifetime event taking place right here in McKinney, Texas – and YOU need to be there. Some of you may have read the original press release published on McKinney Online in...

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McKinney Art: Jake Dobscha

If a drive through downtown McKinney has been a part of your day at any time over the past year, you would be hard-pressed to miss the appearance of a new building at the southwest entrance to the square (205 W. Louisiana Street). Construction of the two-story...

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Birds & Words

Good morning McKinney! Today I am excited to share with you about a fun class I took at Birds & Words Home Boutique on the downtown McKinney square. I attended the Brush Lettering workshop on Saturday evening which takes place upstairs in the Birds & Words craft...

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Jump Into Art

“I chose to move to McKinney because of the local pottery studio,” Magda Dia began as she told me about her move from Los Angeles in January 2011, “and then I purposefully looked for a home within 2 blocks from there.” It was the pottery studio at The McKinney Art...

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McKinney Art: Wayne Batchelder

  Of the 40 some-odd potters living in McKinney and surrounding areas, Wayne Batchelder was the one I wanted to meet first. I was introduced to Wayne via Instagram when I came across a photo of oversized coffee cups accented with beautiful, natural-wood handles. I...

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McKinney Art: Leslee Ortega

Good morning McKinney! Today I want to shed some light on another local artist, Leslee Ortega. I imagine many of you are familiar with Leslee's paintings of animals. Her talent in showing an animal's personality combined with the tell-tale neon background makes...

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McKinney Artist: Andrea Holmes

Good morning McKinney! Today I want to introduce you to Andrea Holmes, a gem in the McKinney artist community, and someone you have most definitely seen on your strolls around the downtown Square. Though born in Denver, Colorado, Andrea grew up not far from here, in...

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Holiday Cards with CW Designs

Good morning McKinney and happy Monday to you! Today I want to visit about Holiday cards. Has anyone else noticed what an enormous 'ordeal' Christmas cards are these days? Seriously, my family has new professional family portraits taken every. single. year. and then I...

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McKinney Art Studio Tour

Good Morning McKinney! I wanted to remind all of you that the McKinney Art Studio Tour is happening this weekend! What is MAST, you ask? Once a year, local artists open up their personal studios for a public glimpse! Although you can begin the tour at any studio, we...

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