mulberry gap

An Alternative to Online Dating

Meet Kate & Andrew, the new trendy kids on the block. Mulberry Gap is an all-American women’s clothing and handbag retailer for both men and women. The company is located out of Southern California. Kate & Andrew were founded by two college sweethearts who wanted to start a company that would sell quality clothes at an affordable price. They knew they wanted to make something that was unique and offer something special to their customer, so they decided to create their own product line of designer kids clothes.

Products offered on the mulberry gap include: sweatshirts, tops, bottoms, hats, shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, and even boots. Their specialty products are made with quality fabrics such as velour, silk, cotton, and Sherpa fleece. Most items come in two to three different colors. Some of the most popular designs include:

The pink biker pants and shirts from the mulberry gap also include detailed artwork of local mountain bikers such as: Southern California Trail, East Coast Trail, and the Santa Barbara Trail. The shirts have a graphic of an Asian-inspired fairy that looks like Ashiachi. Other designs include: deer head t-shirt with a detailed illustration of a mountain biker, a black & pink mountain bike shirt, an illustration of an ATV, an Atlanta freeway billboard, a graphic of an Asian girl, and an Atlanta freeway sign.

The boys’ section features top brands such as Ellijay, Chippewa, and Nike. The shirts feature colorful cartoon renderings of mountain biking trails. The bottoms come in various designs, one of which is an all-white polo shirt with a graphic of a mountain bike. The shorts come in either plain colors or with a graphic. Other products in the boys’ section include: a graphic tee shirt, a half-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, and an all white jute bottom.

Girls can enjoy a variety of products for their mulberry gap trip such as: a frilly pink polo shirt, a frilly white tank, a halter top, and a graphic tank. Other accessories include: a detachable bra, a motorcycle boot, and gloves. There are also products such as: a leather journal, a lipstick case, a map, earrings, and a compact mirror. Some of the girls’ apparel has a more sporty feel and some are more relaxed and casual.

The mulberry gap is perfect for those who are interested in exploring the world of dating and bikepacking trips. They offer fun activities for both men and women of all ages. Anyone can join in the fun by browsing their website. With millions of singles looking for love online, it’s no wonder that these two companies have made such a fantastic choice.

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