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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

originally published in the Spring 2020 magazine

“A lot of people don’t realize this,” Douglas Ringer told me, “but lawns on the same street rarely need the same fertilization and pre-emergent programs. Homes built at different times have different sod, different soil, and a different compaction rate. These variances are exactly why I created my company to have a ‘yard-by-yard’ approach with each client.”

Douglas Ringer, owner American Lawnscape

We of course are discussing American Lawnscape, the renowned lawn management company Douglas founded eight years ago with a degree in biology and 18 years of turf maintenance under his belt. Before moving to Texas in 2012, Douglas was a golf course superintendent in Nebraska where he managed the chemical compounding and fertilizer application of his courses as well as the staffing logistics of his support team. His active duty in the U.S. Army as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist gave Douglas additional insight into the biochemistry sphere, enough so that he published a book called The Physicians’ Guide to Nutraceuticals, a guide in understanding nutritional supplements.

Douglas’ vast knowledge in the biochemistry arena and his experience in staffing logistics formed the foundation on which American Lawnscape is built. “From the beginning, my goal was for American Lawnscape to hold higher standards than other companies of its kind: in staffing, in service, and in results.” The client relationship begins with an on-site meeting which provides Douglas with an opportunity to walk the property and hear the client’s needs and concerns. A customized, detailed program is put in place and—as time passes—the program is tweaked to become even more specific to the yard’s needs. Douglas can even test the soil to ascertain where nutrient deficiencies lie and supplement those deficiencies accordingly. Where other companies take a “one-size-fits-all” approach with their clients—something that saves them time and money—Douglas recognizes this approach isn’t always best for the yard. Douglas takes pride in putting his customer’s needs first and is happy to provide his clients with the newest, safest technology on the market thanks to his access to research databases and reputable vendors.

Along with weed control and fertilization, American Lawnscape provides an outdoor insect control service for mosquitos as well as 200 additional insects. 200! Do you and your family love spending time outdoors but struggle with lawn maintenance and insect control? Do yourself and your lawn a favor and reach out to Douglas for a free yard and insect consultation, and benefit from the knowledge and professionalism of Douglas and his crew.

American Lawnscape is here to make your outdoor living enjoyable and beautiful. You can find Douglas through his Website or via Facebook.

Thank you American Lawnscapes for sponsoring this post

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